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Seeing the aurora borealis is one of the unique phenomena that most people around the world wish to see for once. In this article, Flytio explains the aurora borealis and introduces 5 cities to see this beautiful phenomenon.

You have probably heard of the aurora borealis phenomenon, or you have seen travelers like Flytio travelers who plan to see the aurora borealis and buy plane tickets to travel to certain parts of the world to see and enjoy the aurora borealis. . Aurora borealis are actually beautiful colors that dance in the sky and create a very amazing scene that everyone will be thrilled and happy to see.

How do you think aurora borealis is formed and in which countries can it be seen completely and beautifully to see this unique phenomenon?

What is the phenomenon of aurora borealis?

Aurora borealis occurs in the geographical location of two poles, and are molecules with a positive or negative electric charge on solar particles that collide with gases such as oxygen and nitrogen, creating a very spectacular scene. The best time to watch the aurora borealis is from December to March, when the night sky is clear and the sky is dark for longer hours. Definitely the best places in the world to see the exciting phenomenon of the aurora borealis are the places that are closest to the North Pole, but which countries are included?

Watch the aurora borealis in Sweden

Sweden is one of the best places to watch the sunrise in winter. The Swedish sky attracts tourists with its dance of pink, green and purple lights. Due to the dark sky of Sweden, especially in the northern parts of the country, it is the best place to watch this amazing phenomenon. Clear sunsets and 6pm to 2am are the best time to watch the colorful lights in the Swedish sky, and of course the most spectacular hours are around 10am to 11pm.

Many tourists choose Sweden to watch the aurora borealis because they see magical landscapes with attractive colors in the sky that are displayed and moved by unheard music. Due to the great popularity of this city, good facilities have been provided to tourists, there are special hotels and places that lovers can more easily watch this amazing phenomenon with all its grandeur and beauty.

In Sweden, in addition to watching the aurora borealis, you can also use the snow-covered fields and do a variety of exciting winter sports.

Aurora Borealis in Canada

Watch the aurora borealis in Canada

Canada is one of the most fascinating places to watch the sunrise, you can have a good time during the day with snowshoes, skiing and sledding and look for the sunrise in the sky from the evening to see and enjoy this beautiful view. Beautiful aurora borealis can be seen almost anywhere in Canada, but northern Canada is the best place to see colored lights.

In Canada, as in Sweden, they set aside a place to watch the sunrise better. In the middle of the forests there are glass camps with 360 degree view that tourists can enjoy to watch this beautiful phenomenon. Note that the lights are not visible through the clouds, so if you are near the beach, you should stay away from the beach clouds and go north, where the sky is clear. The best time to watch the dawn is around midnight and 10 pm to 2 am.

Iceland is a dream place to watch the aurora borealis

Iceland is one of the best places in the world to watch the sunrise. On the clear, clear winter nights of Iceland, dances of exciting lights are seen in the sky in a completely magical way, which fascinates every viewer with its beauty. The time of aurora borealis in Iceland is considered to be from September to mid-April, and some consider November to February to be the best time to see colored lights because these are the darkest months of the year and the aurora borealis is beautifully seen in the sky during these months.

In Iceland, with its ice caves, you can see the aurora borealis more completely and dominantly. There are also attractive tourist destinations in Iceland that can entertain tourists and enjoy their trip. The sky of Iceland is such that you can see the dance of different lights in the sky in an amazing way and you will be amazed to see these fascinating sights.

It is recommended to use local tours to watch the aurora because in the city and around the city where there is a lot of light, it is not possible to see the aurora and you have to go to dark places where local leaders can better find pure places with less light and the sky is beautiful. .

See the aurora borealis from Finland

Finland is one of the best countries in the world to observe aurora borealis. In Finland, the sky turns green and blue due to the aurora borealis, and sometimes red and pink. This phenomenon is as bright and spectacular as the sky, which attracts many tourists to watch this beautiful phenomenon. If you are eager to see this natural phenomenon in Finland, travel to this country by buying a foreign plane ticket and see the beauty of the aurora borealis in the night sky.

Which part of Finland should we go to to watch the Northern Lights?

The Lapland region is the best place to buy plane tickets and travel to Finland to hunt for the northern aurora. Because in this part of the country you can communicate with local guides who share their knowledge and popular sights for watching the aurora borealis. If you are looking for a dream family trip, Rovani, which is known as the official city of Santa Claus, can be an ideal place for you. Many couples love Rovaniemi by staying in unique places and unique dining experiences.

If you go to this city in late winter and spring, you can enjoy Santa Claus’s workshop and the caress of the reindeer velvet nose in the village of Santa Claus. Then spend the afternoon on a snowmobile on the outskirts of a snow-covered suburb, then head out of the crowded city in a snowmobile to explore the Arctic. Rovaniimi has accommodation options to suit any budget. Make the most of this winter wonderland and enjoy a cozy wooden hut heated by a wood fire. You can stay in a glass igloo (Eskimo-style house) hotel and watch the aurora borealis.

Watch the aurora borealis

Pay attention to these points to watch the aurora borealis

  • Buy your foreign plane ticket as soon as possible.
  • Find a dark, open place, preferably away from city lights.
  • Find a wide, unrestricted view of the northern horizon.
  • Look for aurora borealis on dark, cloudless nights.
  • Finland’s nights are cold, so wear warm clothes.
  • Lie down instead of leaning your neck back for a long time to watch the sky.

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