A film and TV adaptation of It Takes Two is made


Sonic the Hedgehog has announced the production of a movie and TV adaptation of It Takes Two.

Recently, during the latest movie and TV news, dj2 Entertainment, which was previously in charge of producing the film adaptation of Sonic the Hedgehog, announced the creation of the film adaptation It Takes Two. Variety announced in its report that the Hazelight Studios team is led Joseph Fars In collaboration with dj2 Entertainment, they will work on a film / TV adaptation of the game in question.

“Creating the world and the story of It Takes Two was really enjoyable for me and our team,” said Joseph Fars, the studio’s creator and creative director. “Despite the strong storytelling, the large number of characters, and the crazy moments of collaboration between these characters, the story potential of this adaptation will be really high.”

It Takes Two tells the story of a couple named May and Cody who are now close after a series of differences. The couple is now transformed into two miniature dolls by a magical force and thrown into a fantasy world. In order to be saved, they have to solve the problems that existed in their relationship, and this leads to the formation of a fascinating and exciting adventure.

The main characters of It Takes Two are Joseph Fars

It Takes Two won critical acclaim and critical acclaim at The Game Awards 2021 and won Best Game of the Year. دیمیتری ام. Johnson, The president and owner of dj2 Entertainment, describing the collaboration with the creators of the aforementioned work to create this cinematic adaptation, says:

“DJ2 is proud to produce the film adaptation of It Takes Two in collaboration with Joseph and the amazing Hazelight team. Like all audiences in the game world, we fell in love with the fantasy story It Takes Two and its fantastic characters such as Cody, May, Rose and Dr. Hakim. “We can not wait to bring this world and these characters to the silver screen and home screens.”

While dj2 Entertainment has started the film adaptation project It Takes Two, no studios or TV networks have yet been identified to make the film, but according to close sources, various studios and companies are competing behind the scenes. To be selected as the producer of this film. It should be noted that Pet someone (Pat Casey) and Josh Miller (Josh Miller), the writers of the first and second episodes of Sonic the Hedgehog, have joined the It Takes Two adaptation project. Oscar Voluntis (Oskar Wolontis), director of the Hazelight team, says in response to the formation of this partnership:

“The response to It Takes Two was truly astonishing, both to gamers and to critics alike. We are really excited about this new opportunity to expand this game beyond the borders of the video game world. “Especially since old fans and new fans can turn to this adaptation.”

DJ2 has never been unfamiliar with cinematic adaptations of the video game world, and with the production of Tomb Raider and the production of Sonic The Hedgehog, it has shown its desire to produce this type of film. In addition to It Takes Two, the company has also confirmed the production of TV adaptations of Dicso Elysium and Sleeping Dogs.

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