A look at the Shadow Tactics expansion pack


In this half-look, we went to the Shadow Tactics add-on pack called Aiko’s Choice, which has just been released, to see what more content from its popular Japanese game has been made available to fans after six years of waiting.

Mimimi Studio is a small studio located in Zurich, Germany. The studio’s first successful and well-known title is Shadow Tactics, a stealth strategy game set during the Edo period in Japan. After its release in 2016, and despite the expectations of the game’s creators, Shadow Tactics has been warmly welcomed by gamers, and all of them are happy with the revival of a dead and old style by the members of this studio. In the same years, MimiMi Studios announced that it planned to release an add-on package for Shado Tactics and make more content of its game available to fans. Eventually, however, the development of this expansion pack will be postponed until after the release of the studio’s next big game, Desperados III, which will be released in 2020.

Finally, six years after the release of the original game, on December 6 of this year, the add-on pack for the Shototactics game called Aiko’s Choice will finally be available through the Steam, GOG and Epic Games Store platforms. The $ 20 add-on pack consists of six stages, including three long stages and three story stages, and provides players with about eight to ten hours of gameplay. The storyline of this expansion pack revolves around the character of Iko, who has previously appeared in the game Shado Tactics, and the events that took place in the past of this character.

Mimi’s studio is currently working on a new IP in the same style as before, but with new characters now known as s├╝├čkartoffel. (This word in German means sweet potato!)

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