A new story trailer of Rainbow Six Extraction has been released


Yesterday, Ubisoft released a new trailer of Rainbow Six Extraction that introduces the game world.

Less than two weeks remain until the release of the latest game from the Rainbow Six series called Rainbow Six Extraction; Created by Canadian studio Ubisoft Montreal, a new trailer for the game has now hit Ubisoft’s YouTube page.

This trailer focuses specifically on introducing more of the REACT team. This military unit consists of a group of top operators in the world of Rainbow Six, led and led by Jordan Trace and Eliza Cohen. There are also new scenes from the dangerous Sprawl environment in this trailer; Environments that slow down players and increase the power of attacking creatures.

How the Chimera and Archaeans parasites developed and spread, and the REACT team’s efforts to build the technologies and weapons needed by the strike unit to combat these alien creatures are other parts of this video. Fans can also see different types of enemies and challenges in the game in the trailer. You can watch this fascinating trailer below.

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Online game Rainbow Six Extraction on January 30 for PlayStation 5, Xbox X Series | The Xbox S Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Google Studio and Amazon Luna streaming services will be available. The game will be available on all Xbox game consoles (Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Ultimate) on Xbox consoles and PCs.

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