AAA Studio Deviation Games is probably a story RPG for Sony


Apparently, Deviation Games, in collaboration with Sony, is working on an AAA role-playing game (RPG) in which the story plays a major role.

The hiring ad released by Deviation Games, which is currently working with Sony Studios PS to make an exclusive game for the PlayStation 5, gave fans more information about this new work. The California-based studio, which has more than 100 game developers, now wants to hire a senior game designer. Job descriptions emphasize that one must have written and designed different stages for AAA single-player games or AAA multiplayer games in which action, role-playing, and story play a significant role.

Also, as we found out from the developers’ previous talk, there will probably be a multiplayer game. Deviation Games Studio prefers to hire someone with many years of gaming experience for this job; Someone who knows how to get things done quickly from the very beginning of the main part of game production. Also, if the game developer applying for a job has experience working on co-op multiplayer games, this is a positive advantage for him / her and increases the chances of employment.

In the official game news, it was announced that the Deviation Games studio effect will create a new game series for the PlayStation. Jason Blandell, A few weeks before Treyarch Studios said Deviation Games Studios focused on storytelling and engaging gameplay a few weeks before PS5. In addition to him, several former and key members of the Call of Duty game series are also present in Deviation Games Studio. Will the PS5 console game being developed by this team be a first-person shooter action game that includes both a single-player storyline and a co-op multiplayer? It remains to be seen when the creators will go to the official and complete introduction of the game.

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