Ability to connect DDR4 memory modules to DDR5 motherboards with Asus adapter


Asus has tested a special conversion board prototype that allows the use of DDR4 memory modules on all new generation DDR5 motherboards. Provide.

Find DDR5 memory modules these days In many countries of the world, it has become a challenge, and even if these products are available, their high price will prevent many people from being interested in these high-speed and modern chips. While it is said that we should not expect the situation in the gaming hardware market to improve any time soon, some companies are looking for a solution to make things easier for the audience of such products.

In this regard, Asus has recently designed an interesting electronic board prototype that will be installed on all motherboards. DDR5 Can be installed and the possibility of using memory modules Provides DDR4 on DDR5 motherboards. Lin Dabing Bing In a new video, he tests the performance of this accessory and shows how it works. DDR5 to DDR4 adapter board Under the brand ASUS ROG Exhibited is a very tall electronic component that may have problems with some coolers.

Given that many manufacturers of new Intel motherboards that are standard Support DDR5, most power management circuits from 600 series products Removed, it is said that this board has all the electrical circuits needed for this purpose. Elimination of energy and voltage management circuits due to chip transfer PMIC To memory modules DDR5 Done and this while on platforms DDR4, these components are mounted on the motherboard itself.

Prototype of DDR5 to DDR4 conversion board

Prototype of DDR5 to DDR4 conversion board

The top of this adapter includes a standard DDR4 DIMM port And at the bottom is a port for connecting each board DDR5 DIMM Embedded. This YouTuber in its new motherboard video The Z690 while using a DDR4 memory module It works, it’s on display. Although this motherboard is officially a platform DDR5 Is considered, using this conversion, memory DDR4 via BIOS Identifies.

It is also said that this board is still a prototype and that is why it is an upgrade PCB is too much. Apparently, Asus is still working on its physical design. In addition, this board includes an additional 4-pin connector that is used for the boot process in case of power consumption.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Especially considering the ROG Maximus Z690 APEX motherboard The test used in this test is also an experimental model specifically for compatibility DDR5 to DDR4 designed. But in any case if the status of access to memory modules DDR5 will remain the same in the world, this product can make things easier for many users.

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