Ability to experience Fortnite on iOS through the Geoforce service


IOS users will soon be able to experience the cloud version of Fortnite from GeForce Now on their device’s Safari browser.

Almost a year and a half after Fortnite was removed from the App Store, it looks like iOS users will soon be able to experience this popular game in a different way on their platform. Nvidia has announced that a limited beta version of Fortnite will be added to the GeForce Now game streaming service starting next week, and iOS users will be able to play it through their device’s Safari browser. Of course, due to the fact that the GeForce app is available in the Play Store, Android users will also have access to this version of Fortnite.

But the addition of Fortnite Limited Beta to GeForce is in the best interest of iOS device owners. Because Fortnite has also been removed from the Play Store, users of the platform will still be able to download the game directly from the Epic Games website. However, due to the fact that iOS users are almost dependent on the App Store to download applications and games, with the removal of Fortnite from this store until today, there are legal and alternative options to receive and experience this Battle game. Royal They did not have.

Ability to experience Fortnite on iOS through the Geoforce service

Apple has strict rules regarding the downloading of applications and games and the use of in-app purchases; The laws he defends and says he has enacted to protect the security and privacy of his users. Of course, another reason is that Apple has a significant percentage of the revenue from the sale of in-app items. Apple and Epic’s lawsuit over Fortnite was also rooted in Apple’s share of in-app sales.

In fact, it started out that Epic was offering an alternative way to buy in-app iOS Fortite users that circumvented Apple’s policies and made sure that 100 percent of the revenue from the sale of these items went to Epic itself. Apple did not reject this epic move, and the result was that Fortnite was removed from the App Store. Of course, Apple has so far left companies free to offer alternative methods. One of these methods, which GeForce Now also uses, is the provision of a web-based platform that users can access without restriction through the Safari browser.

Battle characters after the third chapter of Fortnite

If you would like to participate in the Fortnite Limited Beta on the GeForce Ship service, you can sign up for the Wishlist via the Nvidia website. Nvidia has also announced plans to make more games available to mobile users through the cloud, and plans to add touch control support to more games on its service in collaboration with game publishers. It’s also worth noting that Epic Games has not yet launched its own official cloud version of Fortnite to circumvent Apple’s restrictions. We’ll have to wait and see if Epic finally releases a cloud version of this popular Battle Royale game.

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