Acceptable sales of Fatal Frame and financial success of Koei Tecmo


Japanese company Koei Tecmo has grown over the current fiscal year, selling about 340,000 copies of Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water.

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water was released in late September 2021 for various platforms, and now we know that its sales reached about 340,000 copies by the end of December. Blue Reflection: Second Light and Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires also sold 120,000 copies and 150,000 copies by December 31, respectively. Of course, Koei Tecmo for Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires only paid attention to sales in Japan and other parts of Asia.

These statistics make the Japanese company in question reach a record-breaking level, both in terms of profitability and overall revenue. Because Koei Tecmo’s mobile games also showed significant financial performance. Koei Tecmo’s profitability has reached a level over the past year that the company expected to reach in three years.

Strange of Paradise Final Fantasy game logo

The Japanese gaming division of Koei Tecmo, which generated almost total revenue, had 52.537 million yen in sales and 26.583 million yen in operating income. The company’s total revenue grew by 25.9% compared to last year and operating income grew by 40.1% compared to last year. Koei Tecmo Ninja Game Studio will release Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin on March 18 in collaboration with Square Enix.

PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox X Series | Xbox S Series and Xbox One have been introduced as the target platforms of this sub-game of the Final Fantasy series. In other game news related to Koei Tecmo, شوهی یوشیدا Announced on Twitter that Masaki Yamagiva, The creator of Bloodborne, has joined Team Ninja game development studio.

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