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How to add a Facebook cover video

how to add a Facebook cover video

millions of people watch billions of videos on Facebook daily. and it means that how much Facebook cover video is important and funny.

in 2021 the option of having a Facebook cover video has been removed but still, you can have static pictures or slideshows for your Facebook cover video. videos are powerful.

how to add a Facebook cover video

What is a Facebook cover video?

a Facebook cover video is a short video that appears at the top section of your Facebook pages. the cover video is anent by your profile photo, which is usually a logo or photo for your business or daily work. Facebook cover video is an opportunity to say more about your business, work, and daily matter without people looking for it.

the option to add a cover video is available on all pages. and videos are public means anyone visiting your page can see cover videos.

the reason why to use a cover video is that provides an opportunity to highlight your brand messages, promote an event, showing your products and daily events.

Cover videos provide your offering and suggestions and also what people expect from you. Facebook cover videos are an easy way to impact people in a second. when people are seeing or visiting your Facebook page first they will see the cover and it will be a reason to stay a little more.

Steps to add a Facebook cover video:

  • set the format of the Facebook cover.
  • choose a video you like to set as a Facebook cover video.

the video you select belongs to your cover video goals if you are building a brand advertisement so go with anything your company or you are doing that people should understand or you want to promote an event then the cover should be changed daily.

  • Add text to cover.

you can add text to the cover video too. and for the attention of audiences, you should center your text in the middle of video clips and edit the words you like for looking good when you are uploading to Facebook pages.

  • Combine with other images and video clips.

combining with more images and videos is really funny and good looking and also it has really impact on capturing audiences attention.

  • Download and share.

first, you have to download the video you like and it will come to the downloads folder on your computer. if you have the video then it’s easy just share.

Note: If you are downloading the video then be careful that video should be 20 seconds or a little more.

face social media photo

Tips to make a good Facebook cover video

keep it short and simple

highlight the key points in the video and short it as short as you can. you can put a video up to 90 seconds it doesn’t mean you must.

Focus on audiences

when you are creating the cover photo and selecting the type of that, consider that the main point or the main scene must capture the focus it might be your brand, advertisement and etc…

Keep text-centered

make sure that the text is at the center of the cover video because the video message or brand should be visible to the people easily.

How to add a Facebook cover video in easy way?

  • first, select the video you want as a Facebook cover video to the Facebook page. then go to the video’s timeline at the top of your page and click videos.
  • Click on the upload video button and select a video from your computer.
  • To add more information to your video click the section on the right side, then click next and publish.
  • On your Facebook page, click edit in the bottom right cover photo or video.
  • Select choose from videos from the dropdown menu and pick up the video.
face animation

Facebook cover video ideas

Product demo: Facebook cover videos are good at showing your products and their effectiveness.

Tour your location: show the best parts of your products in a tour of your location and operation.

Animated logo: if you still can not decide to choose the type of logo we suggest using an animated logo because animated logos are funnier and more impactful.

Portfolio: instead of pictures and photos apply a transition to your portfolios any company can easily use it.

Common questions:

How long a Facebook cover video must be?

the cover videos can be between 20-90 seconds, but it is really important that the first seconds of that video should catch the attention of the visitors fastly.

Do Facebook cover videos play on mobile?

yes, Facebook cover videos can play on mobile and all devices too.

Who can see the Facebook cover video?

Anyone who visits your page can see the Facebook cover video because it is public.

Can I delete the Facebook cover video?

you can remove it, but it still will be available in the Facebook pages library. you can delete it from there.

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