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Added some Cobra Kai themed skins to Fortnite

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Epic Games has introduced a few skins and an amulet with the theme of this martial series for Fortnite, on the occasion of the fourth season of Cobra Kai.

The Cobra Kai series started on YouTube, but in a short time it was able to attract the attention of Netflix, and some time ago, the fourth season of the Cobra Kai series aired on Netflix. Now Epic Games has organized a small event for the latest Cobra Kai season and added a few character skins with the theme of this comedy and comedy series to Fortnite. A short clip has been released to introduce these skins, which you can watch below.

Download video from Aparat

Of course, none of the real characters in the series have come to Fortnite, but players can play the character of the various karate school uniforms displayed at Cobra Kai; Schools like Cobra Kai and Miyagi do dojo by themselves Daniel Larusso, The protagonist of the movie Karate Kid is managed. In addition to skins, gamers can get the Crane Kick amulet. This Emote is similar to the famous move that Laruso made on the character in the final scenes of the first Karate Kid movie. Johnny Lawrence He performs and by defeating him, he achieves victory.

The Cobra Kai series has also been extended for a fifth season. At the end, you Zomji users can share your opinions about Fortnite Cobra Kai skins with us.

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Ghulam Abbas

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