ADSL Internet service, special pioneers for Mother’s Day with 1103 GB international


These days, good and fast internet is necessary for every family, especially for mothers who are all focused on each member of the family.

Sometimes we can make their leisure time sweeter by buying a good internet. Watch movies and series online, make quality video calls, make online purchases and …

Mother’s Day is not just a day, but an occasion for the whole family, for a mother who cares about everyone!

For the blessing that every day and always pays attention to the whole family, Pishgaman Company has planned a 6-month service for you on the occasion of Mother’s Day from 3 to 13 Bahman, so that you can enjoy having it with maximum speed and the highest quality.

Special service for 1103 GB of international traffic, for a period of 6 months, with a price of 222,000 Tomans and a speed of 16 MB.

Pishgaman Company is ready to provide internet to dear subscribers all over the country. You can easily shop online by clicking here. Our colleagues with the number 1577 for free consultation will not withhold any help for the greater welfare of you dear ones.

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