Alden Ring manufacturer’s explanation about the lack of power-giving rings to the gamer in the game


Hidtaka Miyazaki of Fram Software Studios explains why there are no wearable loops in the Elden Ring game.

At the time of the introduction of the Elden Ring, some gamers, given the name of the effect, thought that in the game we are faced with powerful Rings that if the character finds them, the player will gain more abilities. But although in the Old Ring apparently the main goal of Tarnished should be considered the repair of the Elden Ring, in the game we will not encounter power-giving rings to the gamer. Hidtaka Miyazaki, Author and director of the game Alden Ring has given an explanation to EDGE magazine.

Hidataka Miyazaki likes circles to have a special place in the storytelling of Elden Ring Fram Software

Rings, he says, play a key role in FromSoftware’s Elden Ring. In fact, they are strongly tied to special stories and characters. “There are several reasons for this decision (the lack of empowering links to the player in the game),” said the creator of the Dark Souls and Bloodborne series.

First of all, we had a lot of use of wearable rings in previous FramSoft games; Especially in Dark Souls. This time the spells allowed us to take a different approach to those ideas; With more variety of designs.

Of course, there are rings in this game; More as unique items in the story and unique events related to the characters. So we wanted them to have a special place in the Old World; “To be different from spells in game design.”

The character of the game Elden Ring is destroying enemies

The well-known game developer promised that gamers who search a lot of different environments will enjoy Elden Ring. According to him, this is the world George R. R. Martin He was also involved in its creation, it is full of secrets and deceptive cases; Rewards for those players who deviate from the main course and travel to different parts of the Old Ring world.

Bandai Namco Company, as the publisher of Alden Ring, released this game on February 25 (March 26) on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox X Series | The Xbox S Series, Xbox One and PC will be available to players. Elden Ring seems to take up about 45 GB of memory on the PS5 console, making it the largest work by Japanese studio Framasoft to date.

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