All-in-One Univo UA-240 equipped with professional adjustable base


Versatile computers typically do not have an adjustable base, and in limited cases equipped with this feature, do not provide users with much ability to change height and angle, but in the All-in-One UA-240 you can take advantage of professional adjustable base features. Become.

This feature allows you to experience the best position in front of the screen without having to move around the chair multiple times. Once the base is adjusted, you will be able to use UNIVO’s versatile computer for a long time at the best viewing angle.

Height adjustment

The first feature of the All-in-One Univo UA-240 Professional Adjustable Stand is its ability to be used in a wide range of applications. Some all-in-ones have the ability to change the angle of rotation to the right or left, but the ability to adjust the height is very rare in products. With this feature, UNIVO All-in-One Computer can offer more freedom of action for desktop layout, computer placement, and sitting angle. The base used in this product has the ability to increase the height by 130 mm.

Rotation angle

Another useful feature for the all-in-one Univo UA-240 Professional Stand is the ability to rotate the stand on a horizontal axis, which is great for placing a versatile computer in a confined desktop space. In this way, you can place the all-in-one on the sides of the desk and access your ideal viewing angle by rotating the base. People who need more than one personal computer or versatile computer, this feature allows you to arrange several devices by changing the rotation angle at the appropriate point on the desktop, and the best possible viewing angle will be available to all devices.

The angle of rotation of professionally adjustable bases on the UNIVO Universal Computer is 90 degrees diagonally and 45 degrees for each of the right and left angles. A 90-degree angle is available if you want to move the base from the leftmost point to the opposite or vice versa. All-in-one manufacturing companies typically neglect to use professional foundations to reduce costs and reduce manufacturing complexity, but this feature has received considerable attention in recent years. Due to the internal hardware of All-in-One UNIVO UA-240, which is suitable for offices, government agencies, small and large businesses, banks, training centers and medical centers, it is possible to place a versatile computer in different parts of the desktop. In this way, the existing restrictions are easily removed and more freedom of action is available to users.

Ease of setting up the base

Although the ability to adjust the base at various angles of rotation and height adjustment are known to be important features, the most important part is the ease of adjusting the base. This feature can not be used properly if the base adjustment has a lot of complexity and difficulty in horizontal and vertical movement. In fact, without considering a simple and intelligent structure, the existence of height and angle adjustment feature becomes an unused feature. Behin Technology Company, using a very functional structure in the base of All-in-One UI-240, allows users to get the best viewing angle in the fastest time and with the least possible pressure.

Failure to adjust the base of the screen and not placing it at a proper angle to the user’s seat can cause damage to the spine, neck, premature and chronic fatigue and the impossibility of long-term use of the all-in-one. Therefore, Behin Technology Company, by considering an intelligent structure, has provided the ease of setting up a professional base for the UNIVO UA-240 versatile computer. In this way, there is no need to struggle and put too much pressure on the base or body of the van, and the best possible viewing angle is achieved in the fastest time. All you have to do is sit in a chair and at your desk and adjust the horizontal and vertical angles of your versatile computer to your desired viewing angle. A 25-degree angle is also available when rotating up and down.

Internal hardware

All-in-One Univo UA-240 is equipped with an Asus motherboard with H310 chip in terms of internal hardware, which is equipped with eighth and ninth generation Intel processors from the LGA 1151 socket. The power supply circuit on the motherboard allows you to use processors with 65 watts of thermal power from the Celeron family to the Core i7. In terms of RAM, you can experience up to 32 GB of DDR4 RAM with a maximum frequency of 2666 MHz as a dual-channel arrangement on two motherboard memory slots. To install 2666 MHz memory, you must use Intel 8th generation 6-core processors in the LGA 1151 socket. It is generally recommended that you look at the list of supported RAMs based on the model and generation of the processor before purchasing RAM to upgrade the UNIVO UA-240 versatile computer.

The storage compartment has a 6Gb / s SATA port for installing 2.5-inch drives, including hard drives and SSDs, along with an M.2 slot with support for Form Factor 2260 and 2280 drives, which is a great combination of high storage capacity and remarkable speed. Provides data transfer process. The ports of this product include two USB 3.0s, two USB 2.0s, separate audio jacks and a memory card reader. Due to the ability to install a variety of eighth and ninth generation Intel processors and their support for Windows 11 operating system, you will be able to install the new Microsoft operating system on the All-in-One UA-240. This valuable product is equipped with a professional adjustable stand, along with a quality wired mouse and keyboard.

All-in-One Univo UA-240 has powerful hardware and adjustable base with the guarantee of Behin Technology Company in the domestic market and is one of the few products with professional base with the ability to change the angle of rotation and height adjustment. If you want to buy cheap, high quality and powerful hardware, it is one of the best options on the market.

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