All of Us Are Dead Netflix on the way to repeating the success of the compound game


All of Us Are Dead, Netflix’s latest zombie and Korean series, has been well received by users of this streaming service.

Some time ago, the series All of Us Are Dead aired on Netflix. Now in the latest Movie and TV news, Netflix’s latest Korean and zombie-themed series has been well received by users of this streaming service. All of Us Are Dead became Netflix’s most watched program on its seventh day of airing. In a general comparison, the Squid Game series had achieved this success in just 4 days.

According to Netflix, one of the top 10 series on the network, the series All of Us Are Dead was watched by its viewers for 124 million and 790 thousand hours in the first week. In the rank of the second most watched non-English language series of this network, the first season of the series Café con aroma de mujer has been watched with 82 million and 750 thousand hours. Also, in a general comparison, the first part of the final season of Ozark series was watched in the second week of 96 million and 340 thousand hours and is ranked as the first most watched English language series on Netflix.

A motorcyclist escaping from zombies in the series All of Us Are Dead

The series All of Us Are Dead follows the story of a high school that becomes an explosive place for the spread of the zombie virus. Students trapped in school must fight to find a way out or become one of the deadliest zombies. Lee Jae-kyo and Kim Nam-soo The task of directing and Because Sung-il The task of writing the script of our series has been done by all of us dead. This horror series is based on the webton (Korean digital comic) called Now at Our School by Jon Dong-gon.

Park Ji-ho, Eun-chan Yong, Choo Yi-hyun, Park Solomon, Yu In-soo, Lee Yu-mi, Im Jae-hyuk, Kim Bo-yun, Kim Joon-ah, Sun Sang-yeon, Kim Jin-yang , Ham Sung-min and Jung Yi-seo, Are among the actors who have appeared in the series All of Us Are Dead and have played roles. The increasing success of non-English language series and films, especially Korean works, has led Netflix to increase its investment in these works.

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