AMD: 2022 will be a good time for 9th generation consoles


AMD CEO Lisa Soo recently announced that 2022 is a good year for the Xbox X Series | It will be Xbox S Series and PlayStation 5.

A year has passed since the release of the ninth generation consoles of Microsoft and Sony, and we are still witnessing a shortage of these consoles in the global market. Lack of parts is one of the most serious issues that has led to a shortage of PlayStation 5 and Xbox X series | Let’s be Xbox S Series. However, the good sales of these consoles have made AMD CEO optimistic about the future of 9th generation platforms in recent investor questions and answers.

AMD CEO Lisa Soo recently talks about good sales of PlayStation 5 and Xbox X Series | The Xbox Series S has spoken and expects to see the growth of this successful statistic this year as well. Then the situation will improve in 2023.

“I think the console market has been great overall for this generation of consoles,” he says. I mean, if you look at the power of this era of consoles, you see that we are entering the second year that the demand for them is very high. We have launched several products. Hence, the high demand indicates that Microsoft and Sony have introduced a special product to users in this cycle of consoles. We will continue to increase our production and expect the success of consoles [از نظر فروش و درآمد] “It will continue to increase in 2022.”

He continued his talk about the maximum sales of consoles in one cycle (generation), adding: “If you look at one cycle of the console, you will see that the fourth year of release is the year that will experience the most requests and successful statistics. “So in 2023 we are expected to see the best performance of this generation of consoles in terms of sales and revenue.”

However, AMD and most computer and hardware manufacturers have announced that we will see a shortage of chips in 2022, and now we have to wait and see how the ninth generation consoles perform.

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