AMD supports AM5 socket for 5 years


Dr. Lisa Soo, CEO of AMD in a recent statement Announced the duration of the company’s support of the socket AM5 Similar to the platform AM4 It will be for five years.

AM5 socket Company AMD During the event CES 2022 Was introduced. Now, Dr. Lisa Soo, CEO of the company, has confirmed in a recent interview that the longevity of support for the new platform AMD will be similar to its predecessor for 5 years. He expressed satisfaction with the evolution of the AM4 platform Over the past five years, the company has announced that it intends to take the same approach with its new socket.

The AM4 platform was first unveiled in 2017 alongside the first generation of AMD Raizen processors to become the company’s first proprietary socket. This socket has been used in several generations of motherboards and this year with the introduction of the new generation of Ryzen 5000X3D processors Will continue to be present. “Lisa Soo says in part:

“We are very pleased with the way the AM4 platform has evolved over the years. We have already stated that we will keep it for a long time, and we have done the same in practice. Exact numbers cannot be used at this time, but we promise that the AM5 platform will have a similar lifespan to the AM4. “I also think the AM4 will remain on the market for a few more years.”

AM5 socket

AMD’s new socket is an improvement over the previous generation in many ways. AM5 With memory support DDR5 And communication standard PCIe Gen 5 With the platform used by Intel in the processor family Core competes. The new AMD socket has 1718 pins in its structure and will probably be compatible with the previous generation cooling system.

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