Android and iPhone paid games that are free today


In this article, we are going to take a look at the free daily games for Android and iPhone and share them with you users.

Apart from the fact that we see various free games being released daily for Android and iOS, various and less seen premium games are also offered for free for a limited time so that users can have different experiences on their mobile phones. Therefore, in the following, we have prepared a list of premium games that are provided daily for free, for you dear users, so that you can easily access this category of mobile games. If only to follow Free Android game You are, do not miss the special article of Zomji.

Let me mention in the meantime Add games to your playlist once, You will be able to experience them for free forever.

Battle with characters in Terra Fighter 2 Pro

Terra Fighter 2 Pro

  • Developer: SMVD Games
  • Style: Fighting

If you are looking for a fighting experience that can keep you entertained for hours, Terra Fighter 2 Pro is the right choice. In this game, the user is in the role of a hero who must defeat different fighters. The bottom line is that each of the Terra Fighter 2 Pro characters has its own unique design. How to play is that on the left side of the screen, a virtual analog is provided to guide the character, and on the right side, buttons are designed so that you can apply your fighting skills.

Download game Terra Fighter 2 Pro

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Layout of blocks in Block vs Block II

Block vs Block II

  • Manufacturer: WaterPower Technology
  • Style: Casual

Blocks vs Block II is one of those games that have been made available to iPhone and Android users for free to date. If you are one of the iPhone users who have not yet managed to experience gaming today, now is a good opportunity to get Blocks vs Block II for free. WaterPower technology in Blocks vs Blocks II has gone to the structure of Tetris game and tried to make its unique game available to users by making changes in it.

Download game Block vs Block II

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Steps of the game Path of Atlantis

Path of Atlantis

  • Manufacturer: Lizard Brain Games
  • Style: Casual

Path of Atlantis is a game with very simple mechanisms in casual style that can entertain users for hours. Of course, the simplicity of the game mechanics does not mean that they are not challenging, but the creator has used different intellectual elements and puzzles. The structure of the game is such that at each stage you have to get the main character to the destination, but getting him to the destination is something that challenges you.

Download the game Path of Atlantis

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