Animation Review of Hotel Transylvania 4 (Hotel Transylvania: Transformania)


Hotel Transylvania 4: The Transylvania animation does not reach the quality of the first film in the series, and at the same time it may be the best among its sequels.

Simple, funny and fun. The target audience of the work can enjoy watching all the shortcomings of the Hotel Transylvania 4 animation at a time.

In the world of Hollywood animation, sometimes something exciting happens and takes the audience on a new journey. The viewer comes to his senses and sees that the combination of a kind of animation with different storytelling and elements suddenly creates an experience that is really interesting and different. Because in a way that perhaps only one animation can handle, it targets very different tastes.

However, these more or less unique events can be so successful that they involve a successful and specific idea heavily in repetitions and normalizations. The production team, which in the first animation sought to create an interesting world full of special details, after the great success of the product, realized that it was stuck within the same world and had to go left and right according to its limitations. So many times when we are faced with a series of successful and expensive special animations, we no longer see the magic of the first part in them at all.

Instead of focusing on creating his own new storytelling, the director focuses on maximizing the familiar positives of the previous episode. Instead of focusing on intriguing storytelling, the author will get caught up in creating funny moments for the characters that people love. Of course, there are still great filmmakers and studios who can survive these traps at the right time. But their power and possibility of negative influence cannot be denied.

The human version of Dracula's character in the Transylvania Hotel 4 animation in the middle of a rainforest

The purpose of the previous paragraphs was not to reach the memory of playing with the charming and exemplary sweetness of the 2012 Hotel Transylvania animation. It’s been almost a decade since its release, and not even the slightest hint of how I felt as a teenager at Transylvania’s first hotel’s critique of Hotel Transylvania 4.

If you find Hotel Transylvania 2 animation and Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation animation unbearable, do not waste your time watching Hotel Transylvania 4

Honestly, this is not at all why the sequels can not be as new as the first part of the series. Rather, the problem is that they sometimes become so commonplace that they seem even more familiar than some of the normal, forgettable animations compared to the success of the first animation in the series. The story is not about getting caught up in repetitions. Rather, it is due to the fact that poor or mediocre animated sequels of expensive studios sometimes do not have the ability to become a good repetition effect and fail to implement the repetitions properly.

Paying attention to the fact that there is a fundamental difference between an acceptable repetitive effect and an unacceptable repetitive effect makes up many of the audience’s views on cinematic and television works. I enjoyed watching the animation Hotel Transylvania: Transformania; Perhaps most of all because, like so many other audiences, I knew it would not even come close to the quality, charm, and intelligence of the first episode.

The wolf kid sabotages and the mother tries to stop him in the Transylvania Hotel animation 4

The viewer who knows the three cinematic animations of the Hotel Transylvania series has already, willingly or unwillingly, realized the clear difference between the sequels and the original work. It should also be remembered that in today’s world, a significant number of viewers do not blindly go to the famous expensive animations and see at least some of their images and promotional videos. As a result, it is not unreasonable to assume that many viewers were well acquainted with the idea of ​​the main story and even its overall tone before beginning to watch a work such as the animated Hotel Transylvania: Transformania. With this knowledge, they go on to decide whether or not to watch the film.

The conclusion of all the explanations is that when we are on the side of the fourth main animation of a set quite distant from the ideal attribute, the use of attributes such as disappointing to attack the effect seems strange. Because more than it indicates the quality of the product, it refers to the unrealistic expectations of the audience and their almost baseless hopes for the product. In short, the role of the audience’s mental state and beliefs in determining how much to enjoy or not to enjoy the Hotel Transylvania 4 (read 100 Hollywood’s expensive animated sequels) is huge.

Weak Dracula among the monsters inside the plane in the animation Hotel Transylvania: Transformania

Hotel Transylvania has 4 simple stories that deal with Jonathan’s quest for full family acceptance. Dracula who wants to live his life with Erica van Helsing To become a partner, he must take heart from a particular hotel and leave it to Meavis. But since handing over the hotel to Meavis means giving it to Meavis and Jonathan, Dracula can not do it with a negative feeling about Jonathan’s negligence and some of his mistakes. The continuation of the story is nothing but Jonathan’s hilarious attempt to become a monster with the aim of attracting Dracula.

Hotel Transylvania: Transformania’s animated story idea is not paid for in any part of its slut screenplay. One-line storylines such as Jonathan becoming a monster and some monsters becoming mortal and often human beings have been used in exactly the way we thought; When they make the audience laugh and when they bring the story forward.

This weakness does not prevent the story from moving forward in a step-by-step and understandable way. The animation manages to introduce the character and the main theme of the story, and then puts the characters on the right track with the various narrative tools at its disposal. Because he understands how many characters and strange abilities he has introduced in the previous episodes and uses them in a timely manner. The production team even thought about exposing more story information in the middle of the story to simply avoid over-repetition of the Transylvania Hotel 4’s storytelling.

The terrified appearance of Hotel Transylvania characters in the animated Hotel Transylvania: Transformania

At the same time, the emotional basis of the animation makes it acceptable for audiences of different ages in a round of watching. Many people understand the effort to prove themselves and do stupid things in order to be seen better. Father’s worries about giving up his eternal life and leaving it in the hands of excited youngsters, like the importance that this happens to Meavis’s character, are all familiar story patterns that Hotel Transylvania does not do strange things with. But at the same time, this animation does not spoil them and implements the elements discussed in the story in an acceptable way; Even if the nature of this implementation seems trivial.

Once the superficial and general accompaniment of the target audience is formed with the effect, the creator can focus on providing simple and good entertainment to him. Honestly, the animation Hotel Transylvania: Transformania has funny and entertaining moments thanks to the good voices of people like Andy Samberg And Steve Bushmi They make the viewer enjoy. Catherine Hann In the role of Erica has the same acceptable performance as before, Jim Gaffigan A Van Helsing is hilarious, and in the end, Meowis is still the lovely character in the series, voiced by Selena Gomez.

From interesting storytelling events to animations that make the viewer smile on their own, they form different moments of the work. However, there is no denying that the production team was challenged. The studio because of things like a huge contract Adam Sandler And Kevin James With Netflix, it lost two popular voices in the series. Sandler is not an actor whose absence is not felt at all in the work. But the focus of Kenneth Dracula’s storyline was on his human and vulnerable appearance Brian Hall Be able to make every effort to create the right map.

Some of the main characters of the Transylvania Hotel animation 4

Sony Pictures Animation with works like The Mitchells vs. the Machines, Vivo animation and Spider-Man animation: Into the Spider-Verse have already really proven to have exemplary mastery over the attractive implementation of all kinds of illustrations. The members of these studios have always excelled in creating great and funny moments for the Transylvania Hotel complex, and they do a good job here as well.

In exaggerated moments, such as portraying the behavior of monster flight attendants when someone is in a bad mood, the production team’s animation power shows why such a product can be both fun and entertaining in seconds without dialogue. So how good it is that the production team has different image-oriented ideas and does not fail to provide interesting illustrations until the last sequences.

It seems very unlikely that an adult viewer will even remember a part of it a few weeks after watching the animated Hotel Transylvania: Transformania. At the same time, it is very unlikely that anyone with full knowledge of the Hotel Transylvania collection and the goal of an unforgettable and acceptable entertainment will go to the Hotel Transylvania 4 animation and be disappointed; It remains to be seen how many children can dream of such a work in the heart of the colorful and glazed world.

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