Anna de Armas’s two fans complain to Universal about false advertising


Two fans of Anna de Armas have sued Universal over the removal of the actress’s scene in Yesterday, demanding $ 5 million in compensation.

In the latest Movie and TV newsTwo fans Anna de Armas They have sued Universal Pictures. Anna de Armas previously had a brief appearance in the movie Yesterday, which was released in 2019, and we even saw her use in the movie commercials; But in the movie release version, the Armas scene was removed from the movie. Now the two fans of the actor, Connor Wolf and Peter Michael Roja, have said that they have paid $ 4 to rent the movie Yesterday from Amazon Prime Video; But unlike the movie trailer, Armas ‌ was not present.

The two filed a lawsuit in the US federal court against Universal, claiming that the advertisements for Yesterday were false, deceptive and misleading because Armas was in the movie trailers. They say that if it were not for Universal’s “false, deceptive and misleading advertising”, they would never have paid $ 4 for yesterday’s movie rental. The plaintiffs allege that Universal abused Armas’s fame and popularity in the commercials for Yesterday.

Yesterday movie poster

Wolfe and Roja have now demanded $ 5 million in compensation from Universal for removing the Armas scene in “Yesterday” to witness one of the strangest complaints in cinema history. The story of Yesterday begins with a strange event that people around the world forget about the Beatles and their songs, and only 3 people in the world remember the Beatles, one of whom is a singer who sings the songs. Danny Boyle directed the comedy-musical and received mediocre reviews from critics.

Himish Pittel, Lily James, Kate McKinnon, Ed Sheeran and Lamourne Morris are some of the actors who have appeared in and starred in Yesterday. Anna de Armas recently starred in No Time to Die and has previously starred in other films such as Blade Runner 2049, Knives Out, War Dogs, Knock Knock, Wasp Network and Sergio. Deep Water, starring Ben Affleck, Blonde and The Gray Man, is set to be Armas’ next work.

It has been rumored for some time that Armas is in talks with Lionsgate to star in John Wake’s Ballerina spin-off. Armas has also recently replaced Scarlett Johansson in Ghosted, starring Chris Evans, which will be made available for distribution on Apple TV Plus.

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