Announce the download time and volume of the PS5 version of Sifu


PlayStation Game Size Twitter account has revealed the download time and volume of the PlayStation 5 version of Sifu Studio Slopp.

In the latest game news, we learned that the PlayStation Game Size Twitter account came back to the players with full hands and revealed the volume and download time of the PlayStation 5 version of Sifu game. It seems that this action-adventure game will not take up much console storage space; Because the 01,002,000 version is only 7/160 GB in size. This probably means that this amount also includes the first day update.

Download of Sifu game will start on February 6 (February 6) and will enable players to download the game before release. Those who get the deluxe version of the game can download the game from February 4 (February 4) and will be able to experience it on February 6 (February 6). Sifu game is scheduled for release on February 8 (February 7) for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC platforms. The physical versions of this action game from SloClap Studio will be released at an unknown time from the spring of 2022.

Sifu has a tough combat system that puts gamers on the path to revenge to destroy enemies using kung fu. This game has an interesting system in which the main character grows old with each death; A system that both increases the strength of the main character and reduces his endurance. Sifu game will have no difficulty options at the time of release. “The ability to rise from the dead helps newcomer gamblers to overcome difficulties and try a few more times,” said game developer Pierre Tarno. “But the cost of mistakes increases rapidly, and players must completely master the combat system to complete the game.”

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