Announcement of GhostWire: Tokyo release date and new game trailer release time


Last night we saw a detailed screening of Gran Turismo 7, and tonight we will see the new trailer for GhostWire: Tokyo. The official release date of Ghostwire Tokyo has also been announced.

GhostWire: Tokyo will be released on March 25 for PlayStation 5 and PC. The latest game news not only officially announced the exact time of arrival of this Japanese studio Tango Gameworks, but also made us know that at 01:30 in the morning, Iranian time, we will see the new screening of GhostWire: Tokyo on the official PlayStation YouTube channel. Was.

In the world of GhostWire: Tokyo, almost the entire population of Tokyo, Japan, suddenly disappears and supernatural beings from another world take the place of people on the streets. The player in the role of Akito, as one of the last surviving humans in the city, unites with a ghost named KK to stop this strange threat that has invaded Tokyo.

People who go shopping for GhostWire: Tokyo will have access to rewards such as two special costumes for the main character. Those who buy the Digital Deluxe version will naturally receive more from the creator and publisher of the work; From Shinobi costumes and Kunai weapons to street cover packs and early access to Tokyo Ghostwire. In fact, if you go for the digital deluxe version of GhostWire: Tokyo, you can try it three days before the original release date.

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