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Announcement of Independent Games Nominated for IGF 2022 Awards

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IGF 2022 honors the best independent games of the year and nominees have now been announced; From Inscryption to Unpacking.

Each year, as the GDC approaches, we see a large number of independent game developers awaiting the nomination of the Independent Games Festival (IGF). Now it’s time to publish the list of nominees for the IGF 2022 Awards; A busy list that indicates that there is serious competition between the nominees for this year’s awards.

Last year we saw that Hades and Umurangi Generation were the big winners of the IGF Awards. In 2020, A Short Hike and Heaven’s Vault also won awards. This year, Inscryption and Unpacking are leading the way with four nominations. Naturally, the various awards are intended to honor people who have worked on different parts of making an independent video game.

Seamus McNally Grand Prix (Best Independent Game of the Year)

  • Inscryption from Daniel Mullins Games Studio
  • Unpacking from Witch Beam Studio
  • Loop Hero from Four Quarters Studio
  • The Eternal Cylinder from ACE Team Studio
  • Cruelty Squad from Consumer Softproducts Studio
  • Unsighted from Pixel Punk Studio

Nuovo Award (Best Independent Art Different Game)

  • Game Memory Card
  • Okthryssia and Saturnia’s Bureaucratic Adventures
  • Game Space Hole 2020
  • Game Tux and Fanny
  • Cruelty Squad
  • Game Sparkles & Gems
  • Game Fuzz Dungeon
  • Game Cuccchi

The best student game

  • Game Cai Cai Balão
  • Abriss – build to destroy
  • Letter Lattice
  • SmallLife
  • Game Nainai’s Recipe
  • Live Adventure

The best visual effects

  • Game The Eternal Cylinder
  • Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery
  • Papetura
  • Game Fuzz Dungeon
  • The Wild at Heart
  • Game Jett: The Far Shore

The best storytelling

  • Last Call
  • Game Neurocracy
  • Closed Hands
  • Game! Overboard
  • Game Inscryption
  • Game Unpacking

best design

  • Game Inscryption
  • Game Unpacking
  • Game! Overboard
  • Game Strange Horticulture
  • Webbed game
  • Midnight Protocol

The best sound

  • Game Toem
  • Game Unpacking
  • Game Jett: The Far Shore
  • Mini Motorways game
  • Game Sable
  • Game Inscryption

what is your opinion? Which work do you consider the best independent game of the year?

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Ghulam Abbas

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