Announcement of the release date of Joseph Seyed Bazi Farcry 6 add-on package


Joseph: Collapse Far Cry 6 expansion pack will be released in a few days and will accompany players with a tormented Joseph.

According to the latest game news, Joseph: Collapse, the latest Far Cry 6 add-on pack based on the character of Joseph Syed from Far Cry 5, will be released on February 8 for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Xbox platforms. X Series, Xbox S Series, Xbox One and PC are released.

Ubisoft had prepared three DLCs for Farcry 6, in each of which the player took control of one of the evil characters from previous versions of the series. The first of them is Vaas: Insanity with presence Vas Montengro, The famous supervillain Far Cry 3 and the latter Pagan: Control with the presence پیگن مین It was from Far Cry 4. Now the third and last of them is Joseph: Collapse, in which the witness returns Joseph Syed We are from Far Cry 5.

Joseph: Collapse, like the previous two add-on packs, is inspired by the Ruglight style and brings players back to the fictional location of Hope County, Montana, like Farcry 5; Of course, this version of Hope County has a strange and dreamy atmosphere. Ubisoft says the dialectic “provides an opportunity for players to get into the tormented mind of Joseph Syed.” “Syed has now lost his faith, and in this situation he has to face the former followers of his sect, and while he has to overcome the forces of his inner evil, he will eventually face his family members.”

Three Far Cry 6 expansion packs with a focus on evil characters

Joseph: Collapse can be experienced as a co-op with another friend. Buyers of the Jorf Side expansion pack can use Ubisoft’s Buddy Pass feature to play with friends who have not purchased Farcry 6 or even this DLC on the same platform.

Also, those who bought Far Cry 6 after the season will have access to the latest expansion pack of this action-adventure game without paying extra. It is worth mentioning that the post-Farcry 6 season will be given to people by purchasing Gold, Ultimate and Collector versions. Of course, if you do not have a post-season, you can purchase Joseph: Collapse independently.

In addition, on the eve of the release of Joseph: Collapse, Ubisoft is selling all versions of Farcry 6 at a 40% discount in digital stores. Also, those who previously bought the standard and deluxe version of the latest Farcry version can now get the next season with a 25% discount.

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