Announcement of the release date of the final season of Ricky Jervis’s After Life series


The third and final season of After Life will soon air on the Netflix online network and will consist of six episodes.

The official trailer for the third season of the After Life series, which naturally includes spoilers from the previous two seasons and can be viewed on Netflix’s official YouTube channel, emphasizes the release of the work on January 14 (January 24). This is the income (comedy-drama) of the adult black that Ricky Jervis Recognizes as its main creator and actor, ending with the third chapter. The first season and the second season of this work each had 6 episodes, and apparently the third season of the After Life series will not be different from them in this respect; A season in which to witness effort Tony We will be able to cope with something important.

Carrie Gudliman In the role of Lisa, Tom Bazden In the role of Matt, Tony V In the role of Lenny, David Bradley In the role of Ray Johnson and Ashley Jensen In the role of Emma can be considered some of the most important actors in After Life. Ricky Gervais, who has a large following, has had considerable success over the years, both in the field of stand-up comedy and in the production of television works. After all, he’s the person who shone with The Office (the British version of this great sitcom). Despite all this, no doubt in recent years, many people know him more with the series After Life.

Penelope Wilton، David Earl، Joe Wilkinson، Mandip Dihilen And Joe Hartlin There are other people who have acted in the series After Life. In 2020, this work won the award for best comedy series chosen by the people in Britain.

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