Announcement of the return date of Final Fantasy 14 to digital stores


Final Fantasy 14, which was recently removed from online stores due to server issues, will soon be available for digital purchase again.

Square Enix removed Final Fantasy 14 from digital stores in mid-December last year due to ongoing server issues. Now Nauki YoshidaThe creator of Final Fantasy 14 has announced in a post on its website that the MMORPG game will be available for purchase in online stores on January 25th. He also points out that Square Enix is ​​set to launch a new data center in the Oceania area on the same date, which will include five separate worlds. Yoshida says with this new data center, it is now possible to transfer all users from the Pacific to new servers.

Yoshida states that The Home World Transfer service, through which players can move between different worlds of Final Fantasy 14, will resume its work on January 26 (February 26) and users will be able to move to a new world again. . But there are exceptions, and gamers can not currently move to heavily crowded worlds.

In addition, Square Enix plans to increase the capacity of Final Fantasy 14 data center in Japan, which will enable game servers in the country to host more than 50,000 players. The capacity of data centers based in Europe and North America is also set to increase in two phases, one in the summer of 2022 and the other in the summer of 2023. Yoshida says that because of the semiconductor component crisis, they have difficulty purchasing server equipment and expect it to take longer than usual to supply components.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker (Final Fantasy 14 Square Enix)

The maker of Final Fantasy 14 says that the steps they are taking to increase the capacity of the servers will allow them to resell the game in digital stores on February 26th. He warns, of course, that if the server’s problems continue, they may have to remove the game from the stores again. “We know that the servers in some gaming worlds have high traffic during peak hours,” explains Yoshida. “Some may think that bringing Final Fantasy 14 back to digital stores was not a logical decision, but we urge you players to put yourself in our shoes and understand us.”

It can be said that the servers of Final Fantasy XIV had problems due to the release of the Endwalker add-on package, which was released in the middle of last December. In fact, before the release of Endwalker, it seemed that the capacity of Final Fantasy 14 servers was full, and this multiplayer game could not host more players. On the other hand, those who had pre-purchased the new DLC had access to it before its official release, causing more congestion on the servers.

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