Announcement of the start date of the beta season of Splitgate


With the release of a short video, the start time of season one and the contents of this season of the Splitgate beta were determined.

Recently, during the latest game news, 1047 Games Studio released a very short video stating that the first season of the Splitgate game beta will begin on January 27 (February 27) and game owners will be able to receive the latest game competition content from this date. .

Chapter one of the Splitgate beta adds players’ creativity by adding things like Map Creator, along with features like allowing maps to be shared with friends, sharing maps, designing gun appearance points, and more. It adds to the game’s creative mechanisms and enhances the experience value of the effect.

Splitgate is available for free to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox X Series, Xbox S Series, Xbox One and PC owners.

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