Announcing the airing time of Shenmue anime with the release of the first trailer


The Third Justice Network has shared the first trailer of the Shenmue anime series, which will be unveiled when it airs.

According to the latest movie and TV news, Adult Swim Network has finally released the first trailer of the Shenmue anime series, which will be produced in collaboration with Sony Crunchyroll. The Shenmue anime will be screened at 21:00 on February 5 (February 6) Iranian time on both Cranchirel and Justice Third Networks.

The synopsis of the anime series Shenmue, which is undoubtedly familiar to fans of the series’ trilogy, states: “The events of the anime take place in the city of Yokosuka in 1986; Where Rio Hazuki was trained to master the jujitsu Hazuki style under his strict father, the Hazuki Dojo. However, one day a mysterious man named Len Dee kills his father and takes a mirror under his care. Rio is determined to find out the truth behind his father’s murder. But he soon finds himself embroiled in a conflict between secret organizations. “Rio’s great adventure begins with a journey from Yokosuka to Hong Kong.” The first trailer of Shenmo serial anime can be seen below.

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Detailed information of some of the characters and their voice actors has been published in Shenmo anime, which you can read below.

  • Rio Hazuki With soundproofing Masaya Matsukaze In the Japanese version and Tyndel sleeves In the English version: a high school boy and heir to the martial arts of the Hazuki style. When his father is killed by a mysterious man named Len Dee, Rio embarks on a journey to improve his martial arts skills and uncover the truth of his father’s death.
  • لن دی With soundproofing Takahiro Sakurai In the Japanese version and Scott Gibbs In the English version: A high-ranking member of the underground organization Chi You Men who kills Rio’s father and steals the dragon mirror.
  • Shenhua With soundproofing Natalie Rail In the English version: A young girl living in a rural village in Guilin under the care of her stepfather. Shenhua is a noble and simple girl who has a great knowledge of plants, animals and other natural survival skills.
  • Nosomi Harasaki With soundproofing کت توماس In the English version: Rio’s classmate, who has been secretly admiring him since he confronted the middle school bullies. Nosomi Harasaki is a powerful and considerate person who spends most of her time helping her grandmother in floristry.
  • Guizhang Chen With soundproofing جرمی جی In the English version: Guizhang was born in Yokohama and learned martial arts from his father at an early age. Although Guizhang has a cold demeanor, he feels close to Rio.
  • Tea With soundproofing Greg Aires In the English version: is a member of the Chi You Men organization, whose unique status allows him to perform superhuman movements. After Len Di takes the dragon mirror, he begins the search for the second mirror.
  • Wang With soundproofing Bryson Bagos In the English version: He is a member of the Heavens thugs. Wang looks at Ren through the eyes of a brother and wants to be like him.
  • Joey With soundproofing Lucy Christine In the English version: She is a young woman who loves motorcycles. Joey’s father trades goods and is trusted by many. Like Rio, Joey lost his mother at an early age.
  • Xiwing Hong With soundproofing Christine Owen In the English version: His priest is called Lishao Tao. Xiwing is not very old, but he is known as the great master of Bajikuan martial style. He always has a calm face and it seems that he can be aware of people’s inner feelings and intentions with his insight.
  • رن With soundproofing Cody House In the English version: The attractive head of the Heavens drug gang, a gang of thugs based in the Beverly Hills Warf. Ren has been thinking about money and does not trust anyone except his friends. Ren is a competitor to the Yellow Heads drug and intends to defeat them one day.
  • دو نیو With soundproofing Joe Daniels In the English version: Do New is the head of the Yellow Heads group and a member of the Chi You Men organization. To gain Lend Di’s trust, he begins a search for Yuanda Zhou. The two bears have a bear-like body that confronts Rio and his friends on the battlefield.

This serial anime was first introduced in September 2020. Chicara SakuraiThe director of the second season of One-Punch Man, directed Shenmue the Animation, with Telecom Animation Film producing and Sola Entertainment managing production. Ishikawa ConsulateDirector of the anime Tower of God as the senior director of Pune, Kento ShimoyamaThe author of the anime We Rent Tsukumogami (We Rent Tsukumogami) and the anime Bleach as the screenwriter and یوداکا They worked as the designer of the main characters of Shenmo anime.

Shenmue serial anime is not the only anime being made from video games or anime-style series. The fourth season of Netflix’s Castlevania anime series aired some time ago, and fans are waiting for the creators’ new work in this fictional world. Apparently, the writing of the anime screenplay for Devil May Cry is over. The Dragon’s Dogma anime was also released in 2020 on Netflix.

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