Announcing the date of the second season of the Amazon Upload comedy series


After a relatively long wait, Amazon has finally confirmed the release date of the second season of the Upload series.

Last May, Amazon announced the extension of the Upload series for the second season. Now In the latest Movie and TV newsThe release date of the second season of this comedy series has been confirmed and announced. Amazon announced that the second season of the Upload series will air on March 11 (March 20) from Prime Video. It is expected that the second season of the upload series will be produced and broadcast in 10 episodes like the first season.

Greg Daniels, The creator and creator of The Office series and Parks and Recreation series, is responsible for making Upload series. Robbie Amal, Chris Williams, Barkley Hope, Jessica Took, Andy Allow, Kevin Bigley, Zeinab Johnson، William B. Davis And Julian Christopher, Are among the actors who are present in the upload series and have played roles. The events of the Upload series take place in 2033, in which humans can upload themselves to the virtual world after death.

Robbie Amal in the virtual paradise of Upload series

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When Nathan, the computer programmer, dies very soon, he is loaded into the very expensive Lake View world, but soon finds himself under the watchful eye of his partner, Ingrid, who is still alive. As Nathan explores the pros and cons of digital paradise, he meets Nora, Angel’s customer service representative. Nora struggles with the job pressure of herself and her dying father, who does not want to be loaded, and as her feelings for Nathan increase, she believes that Nathan has been killed.

Now, in the second season of Upload, Nathan is at a crossroads in his life. On the one hand, his ex-fiancé has come to Liquivoy unexpectedly and hopes that their relationship will improve, and on the other hand, Nathan still loves Nora, the angel of Liquovio customer service. Nora, meanwhile, is out in the real world and involved with the anti-tech rebel group The Ludds. The second season of the Upload series contains new items, such as the digital baby program within the Liquo program called prototykes, and in the second season, we are going to face new technological advances and problems.

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