Annual release of millions of Intel Arc GPUs for PC gamers


Raja Kadouri, a senior Intel executive, tweeted that the company plans to release millions of Arc graphics to gamers each year.

In its exclusive article, PC Gamer discusses the “GPU nightmare crisis” in the GPU market and examines the many problems gamers face in finding the right GPU for its true value. The severe shortage of electronic components and the growing value of cryptocurrencies have led to millions of users following their work from the Corona virus outbreak from home, all contributing to the lack of GPUs over the years.

Now, more than a year after the start of the critical phase of the problem, graphics cards are available in the market, but their multiplier prices have made it impossible for most to buy the product they want. Of course, for a few days now, it has been said that the price of GPUs has been declining as the value of popular digital currencies has dropped significantly in the market. This, along with the imminent transformation of Atrium’s cryptocurrencies into a Proof-of-stake algorithm and the launch of Nvidia and AMD low-end graphics cards, has given the audience hope for a long time to return to normal.

Rendered image of Intel Arc graphics card

Meanwhile, the third largest player in the GPU industry, Intel, is also on the verge of entering the competition with the green and red team, and during this period, it is suspicious about the separate Arc GPUs. Is silent. The company during the event CES 2022 did not provide any new information except for the release of these products in the first quarter of 2022. Unfortunately, it is still unclear exactly when gamers will get their hands on the Arc Series desktop graphics card.

Of course, it seems that Intel has big plans to release the first series of separate GPUs. Raja Koduri Intel CEO recently announced the release of millions of GPUs annually Arc has announced for gamers. He republished the tweet of PC Gamer website “I agree with you,” he writes. There are big problems for PC gamers and the entire hardware industry on a large scale, and Intel is working hard to find a way to achieve this goal, which is to get millions of Arc GPUs available to PC gamers every year. »

Intel Arc Alchemist graphics card

Millions of GPUs annually by business partners Nvidia and AMD It is available to gamers and builders of integrated systems. By adding a few million more processors to this statistic, Intel can certainly play a positive role in improving the hardware industry. Intel has repeatedly mentioned that it plans to release GPUs ARC is a multi-year program involving business partners, gamers and game studios from around the world. Introducing Alchemist series products A few months before the release of the new generation of Nvidia graphics cards and AMD, Intel can enter the market as a serious competitor It has been monopolized by the two giants of the GPU industry for years.

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