At least 4 Demon’s Souls remake items have not yet been discovered in the game


A data analyst says at least four items in the Demon’s Souls remake remain undiscovered; Items that no one still knows how to get.

لنس مک‌دانلد, Known for exploring games from FromSoftware Studios, recently posted some interesting news about the Demon’s Souls remake on Twitter. He says there are at least 4 items in this action-role-playing game that have not yet been discovered by any player. McDonald found this not through the usual experience of Dimmons Souls, but through data mining in game files. For this reason, no one, including himself, still knows where and how to look for these items.

Of course, there may be people who know how to obtain these items, but are reluctant to share them with others. It is possible that Bluepoint Games Studios added these four new items to the remake of Demon’s Souls, and for some unknown reason, did not want these mysterious items to be available to gamers during the gameplay.

These items are currently hidden in the Dimensions Souls remake files and may not be available without the use of unusual methods. McDonald also promised to share details if he realized that items could be accessed using standard gameplay mechanics.

At the end, you Zomji users can share your views with us in this regard.

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