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Avatar 2 | From the release date to the synopsis

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The telling of a love story in a science fiction world and the great leap of filmmaking technology with motion capture systems and 3D technology were all made possible by the film “Avatar”. The work, which became one of the seventh art historians and penetrated the popular culture with its two billion-dollar (!) Intellectual sales in 2009. A work that, while challenging numbers, is a turning point for cinemagoers and a symbol of the “cinematic experience” in cinemas.

Now, 12 years later, James Cameron is once again taking moviegoers to Pandora. On this occasion, Empire magazine published a readable interview with John Lando, Project Producer, Arranged. In this interview, Lando talks about the return of Cameron after 12 years, the story of the film and the people present in the work in question. Join Zomji with this article and the translation of Lando’s interview with Empire magazine.

At the very beginning of the article, Empire mentions the fans’ concern about the 12-year absence of Avatar and James Cameron. But if you, too, are worried about this long absence and think that Cameron has missed the opportunity to continue the story of this film, John Lando has prepared this message for you:

Jim [جیمز کامرون] He has two important sequels in his record. “Aliens” and “Terminator: Judgment Day.” I can claim that if those two films were not better than their first part, they would definitely be as important and high quality as their first part. Jim could very simply say no, I do not like making a sequel to an avatar. But he has spent several years of his life creating the second part of Avatar. “Because this film is valuable to him and he believes in it.”

Cameron’s commitment to building the Avatar sequence (s) has led him to plan for five more episodes. In this way, Avatar will be released on December 2, 2022 and Avatar on December 5, 2028. It is worth mentioning that the filming of the live-action parts of the second, third and first parts of the fourth part has been completed. According to Lando, Cameron and the production team for Part II are currently advancing the performance capture process (recording character movements with motion sensors and capturing output with computer graphics). “Lando goes on to say:

“She [جیمز کامرون] Returns for characters. We believe that these characters are the kind of characters that people like to travel with. If you look at Jim’s work, you can see that the essence of his stories goes beyond movies and genres. In the second part of the Avatar series, we introduce Jake (played by Sam Worthington) and Nitiri (Zoe Saldana) to a story whose skeleton is based on the concept of “family”.

The essence of Avatar 2, beyond the flying spaceships and polished weapons, is a full-fledged drama. Jake Sally and Nitiri now have a small tribe. Their eldest son is Nitiam (played by Jimmy Felters), their second son is لوآک (With the game Britney Dalton) And their eight-year-old daughter means توکیتری (With the game Trinity Bliss) Which is known as “Tuk” form their tribe. Jake is of the human race and Nitri is of the Navajo race. Their marriage is like an inter-racial bond that we see similar in the human world. A bond whose fruit is the birth of several children. “Even Jake and Nitiri are not sure if their children belong to the world in which they live.”

One of the family members of the year that Javier Scorver Is called (by mapping Jack ChampionIs a human being known as a “spider”. This person was born in a military camp on the planet Pandora. The members of this military camp were never able to return to Earth. He spent his childhood in a military camp and his adolescence in the forest; Just like Tarzan. “Lando goes on to say:

“Jake accepts Javier as a child, but Nitri looks at Javier through the eyes of one of the same people who destroyed his house and took his father’s life. Finally, we must implement this form of relationship in the way the film is narrated. Avatar 2 begins at the exact moment when the annual family emerges from the rainforests of Pandrua and goes to islands far away from Pandrua. Like a fish jumping out of the water and out of its safe zone. The struggle that Sally engages in pits her against the Metkatina race. People who live in the high seas around Pandora and by تنوواری (With the game Cliff Curtis) And رِنال (With the game Kate Winslet) Are led.

This breed, however, initially rejects the family for years. “Years in this film try to show them why a part of living with this race is important to them.”

Kate Winslet and James Cameron are working together now, 25 years after the release of “Titanic”. Winslet’s skill in learning the Navajo language (like the rest of the cast) and his ability to hold his breath for seven minutes during the filming of Avatar 2 greatly helped him. In his conversation with Empire and talking about Kate Winslet, Landau goes through a very interesting memory:

“We had a 12-meter-diameter circular tank with a window mounted on it. As I walked past the tank, looking out the window, I saw Kate walking deep inside the tank, holding her breath, and somehow walking. If that’s not surprising enough for you, I have to tell you that he waved at me at that moment! “I could not believe it.”

John Lando: When we look at the avatar series as a whole, each film is part of an epic journey narrated in five films.

According to Lando, in this part of the avatar, we will see the return of the Resources Development Administration (RDA). Organizations that make it Parker Selfridge (By mapping Giovanni Rabisi) Leads. These people now have bigger goals than extracting onabitanium (from Pandora sources). “The return of the RDA is as follows:

“They are coming back with a motive for revenge. After losing control of the planet, they now want to take action to regain it. Because Pandora is bigger and more valuable to them than a normal economic resource. Pandora and its resources can solve a large part of the planet’s problems and bring a bright future for the inhabitants of the earth. Of course, beyond all these goals, the RDA wants to find someone who’s got them out of Pandora at all costs; “Jake Sally.”

You may be interested to know that in this video, the head of the security department of the RDA is supposed to return Miles Kovaric (By mapping Stephen Lang) To be; A character who was killed by one of the arrows of Nitiri. In an interview with Empire and about the return of this character, Lando says:

“After all, this is the magic of storytelling [می‌خندد]. In this episode, Stephen portrays a much stronger character than himself in the body of Kvarich. “He has embraced his character and now he has become an absolute threat.”

Along with the special creatures and technologies of the previous part of the Avatar series, in the second part, we will face new and various cases. Lando explains:

“We have a crab-like cover here. This dress is similar to AMP clothes from the first part. A crab-like cover whose mechanical arms are controllable. “It’s really cool and attractive technology!”

You already know that James Cameron is a master of science fiction filmmaking, and when it comes to using different technologies in filmmaking, it’s best to prepare yourself for exciting surprises. Lando goes on to say:

“Despite new tribes, environments and technologies, we continue to develop the avatar world. When we introduce a part of this world (whether technology – races or environments), that other part will be with us forever. The first film in the Avatar series is the smallest film. Each of the films in this series works on a large scale and takes the story of this world forward. Of course, each of these works must have its own framework and in this context, tell its own story, bring it to fruition, convey emotions to the viewer and work in an independent structure. “But when we look at the avatar collection as a whole, each film is part of an epic journey that takes place in the course of five films.”

Avatar 2 is a work that was originally scheduled to be released in 2014. The film’s seven-time release delayed its release until December 2022. If we want to look at the half-full glass, the repeated film delays, the passage of time and the advancement of technology have helped the makers to have a better technical output than in 2014, and for this purpose, they have benefited from more advanced equipment. “This is what Lando says:

“Advances in technology have helped us to convey the characters’ performance more faithfully and credibly than the screenplay to the silver screen. Now more specialists are working on characters and things like that. “It allows us to deliver everything to the viewer in a new standard.”

In the end, Lando talked about the doubts of some internet activists about the quality of Avatar 2. Distribution and unreasonable hatred and negativity towards any work / subject is a feature of the Internet in today’s world, and James Cameron’s new film has certainly not been safe from this trend. “Lando goes on to say:

“I do not want to persuade you to watch this film. I do not want to sell it to you. I love that you go and watch it. When you do this, you will be sure of the quality of the work. People were skeptical of the Titanic. Variety described the film as a disaster at the Titanic premiere. People were also skeptical about the first part of the avatar. I feel that there are always simple ways to dispel doubts. “Jim not only lives up to the expectations of the audience, he goes beyond that.”

Lando’s interview with Empire magazine ends here. what is your opinion? What do you expect from Avatar 2? Do you think this film can repeat the stunning success of the first part after 12 years? Can Avatar 2 be a big leap forward in filmmaking like the first part? This film will be released on December 16, 1401. Write your comment for Zomji.

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