Best Wireless Earbuds for iOS and Android Phones in 2020 : Top 10 Reviews

In Today’s technology era every one want to have an upgraded thing with high quality in their life style from small thing to big thing like Car, house and many more, However, one of the thing which every single person need is wireless earbuds because everyone need it in essential life style like you need to talk to call, listening to music and audio file while you are a way to gym, walking or whether, you are communicating with friends or family or attending the conference far from office, or you are relaxing on the beach under the sun and want to listen a music by a headphone or earbuds with no wire and bring you a quality sound

Wireless earbuds are with smart control, seamless connectivity with no wire with makes you perfect listening to a music with high sound quality, before wireless earbuds, we use to connect the headphones by Bluetooth, therefore, most of us was thinking that a wire headphone is better than Bluetooth headphone, However during the days, technology is getting developed and everything gets upgrade like a wire headphone after that Bluetooth headphone and now we have wireless earbuds (headphone) so, everything gets it upgrade and changes during the time

We must be thankful to those companies who makes our life comfortable and easy to live, and especially wireless buds that is so easy to carry and charge it with high quality sound and best product, we can see there are many companies produce this product like Apple, Samsung and many more, you need to find out the best wireless earbuds to make you happy and satisfy

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Best Wireless Earbuds For iOS And Android Phones In 2019-2020

There are best wireless earbuds for iPhone, Samsung and other companies that you are using its phone so here we will list the best companies which are providing the best wireless earbuds for you with cheap price and high quality that makes you satisfy.

wireless earbuds best

1. Sony WF-1000XM3

Sony Company is not good as Apple or Samsung in Technology parts but the new wireless earbuds have a huge sound among the user that made everyone shocked and surprised that is Sony WF -1000XM3, which is known as noise – cancelling earbuds. When you put the pairs on the ear you cannot hear the outside noise that feels awesome and perfect, However the weight of the product is 70g with the frequency response of 20-20000HZ and Drivers of 6mm. you can use the earbud for 6 hours without any supplement charge and the battery life on charging case is 18 hours with the wireless range of 30ft and the only negative point in this earbud is not for sports and not waterproof, therefore you cannot use it on the beach or swimming on the pool

  • Noise Cancelling
  • Good Battery life
  • Not for Sport
  • Not water proof
  • No Volume Control
best wireless earbuds 2019
Photo source : Sony.com

2. Beats by Dre Powerbeats Pro

Beats PowerBeats Pro is another wireless earbud for working out, this bud has a water resistance that makes you able to use it during gym and sport and sweat resistance, a 9 hours’ battery life make the Powerbeats greater than AirPods. The wireless range of the powerbeats is 10 meters and frequency response is 20-2000HZ. When you want a low profile design and signature apply-y integration then choose powerbeats for yourself because it worth the money which you pay for it.

  • Good Battery life
  • Water Resistance
  • Enjoyable Sound
  • Capable with sport
wireless earbuds
photo source: bestbuy.com

3. Cambridge Audio Melomania 1

Cambridge Audio is popular among companies that produce wireless earbuds due to the high audio equipment and the new earbud is known as Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 has ability of 45 hours of battery charge and high sound quality with low price and high quality product like $100.The Weight of this earbud is 9.2g and frequency response is 20-20000Hz with single charge of 36 hours while your earbud is out of the charge, the case could charge the earbud in 30 minutes from 0% to 100% charge so it worth of money due to the cheap price in the market and the Bluetooth 5.0 is superior connection with no drops in signals and it comes without wire, in small size that is put able in ear without any wire

  • Good battery life
  • Good for sports
  • Speed chargeable
  • Cheap price
  • High sound quality
wireless earbuds 2020
photo source : Geekdad.com

4. Jaybird Vista

One 2017, When the Jaybird started the wireless earbuds, it become a popular among companies that produce wireless earbud and the best and amazing earbuds come out by this come is Jaybird Vista. Jaybird Vista is welled designed and battery life with best performance that makes everyone to buy this earbud for them selves 

The Jaybird Vista support iOS and Android Apps that makes easy to listen to audio files and compatible with all phones. This earbud supports 6 hours’ charge while you are a way to Gym, walking or Running

  • Good Battery Life
  • Good for Sport
  • Cheap price
  • Android/ iOS App support
  • Bluetooth
wireless headphone
photo source: Bestbbuy.com

5. Apple AirPods

AirPods is the second generation version pack which is the latest version of the earbud with good features like wireless charging case option that is awesome for those who hate wire to connect the charger. Apple AirPods can be on and connect automatically to the iPhone and easy setup for all iPhone devices. A soft touch with double touch, you can play or skip forward. It keeps 5 hours of charge while you use it and has 20 hours of battery life in charging case with wireless range of 10m. if you are a fan of Apple product than it worth the money you pay for it

  • Quick access to Siri
  • Good wireless range
  • Good battery life
  • Quick chargeable
best wireless earbud 2020
photo source: Zdnet.com

6. RHA Trueconnect

RHA Trueconnect is known as carbon black that comes for sports activity (  water resistance and sweet proof. The features of this wireless earbud is Bluetooth 5.0 and frequency range 20-20000HZ. The battery life for using audio is 5 hours and charge life with case is up to 20 hours. One of the best features about RHA Trueconnect is a noise isolation. A speed charge option makes it possible to charge 2.5 hrs in 15 minutes that feels awesome and it comes without any wire to cover it around the neck.

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Water resistance
  • Good for sport
  • Good battery life
  • Speed charge
wireless AirPods
Photo Source: Pcmag.com

7. Samsung Gear IconX

Samsung Gear IconX is totally different from  other wireless earburds due to the 5 hours of Bluetooth streaming and 7 hours of MP3 listening and 4 hours talk time. However, The main features of this earbud is has 3.4GB of onboard storage so you can listen to the music without phone or far from phone that seems so pretty cool. Samsung Gear Iconx can be connect to iOS handset or tablet. Speak commands via bixby or google voice can control the music or just a tap to control it.

  • Speak commands
  • Good battery life
  • 3.4GB of onboard storage
  • Good sound quality 
wireless phone headphone
Photo source: which.co.uk

8. SoundMagic E11BT

SoundMagic E11BT is not best sounding but it is good for those can not afford the buy the high branded wireless earbuds. However, this one is good for the pricing. It has a bluetooth V5.0 and AAC compatibility deliver a strong, reliable connection to player. iOS and Android App can be connect to SoundMagic E11BT so you can use for sports because it is water resistance and sweat resistance, that is awesome that you can get it for low price in market but its not dynamic as it should be. The battery life with case is up to 20 hour and Bluetooth range of 10mm.

  • Low at cost
  • Water and sweat resistance
  • iOS and Android App
  • not good battery life
wireless earbuds for iPhone
Photo Source: Whathifi.com

9. Libratione Track+

Libratione Track+ is amazing wireless earbud that block out background noise with four level of noise cancellation. This is a good pair for those who want to feel the real sound of the music because Libratone Track+ will automatically adjust the sound depending on your place or surrounding that makes you to focus on the music clearly. You can use it continuously up to 8 hours of battery life and can be charged in to one hour. It is sweat and splash proof that makes you possible to wear it anywhere in any time. It is one of the lightest and compact wireless in ear ANC earphone in 2019.

  • Good battery life
  • Sweat resistance
  • Good for sport
  • Good sound quality 
wireless earbuds for samsung
Photo Source: Androidpolice.com

10. Skullacandy Smokin

Skullacandy Smokin is a best budgeted wireless earbud ever that you can get it up to 50$ which is so affordable earbud in this year. It has a lightweight collar which made of moldable plastic that gently hugs your neck.  The battery charge life is 6 hours and it will be charge fully in 2.5 hours. However, you can answer the call or pause or forward by button which is available on the collar with it. The price is low that makes possible for everyone to buy and use It.

  • Good battery life
  • Buttons available for answer the call
  • Low price
photo source :bike24.com


Wireless earbuds are those headphones or AirPods which connect with wireless, However there are many companies which produce this product with high quality and low quality to adjust for any kind of customer. We have listed the top 10 best wireless earbuds for you to read and choose for your self to buy it. 

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