Bioware Studio director satisfied with the production process of Dragon Age 4 and the Mass Effect sequel


Gary McKee of Beauvoir described the Dragon Age 4 production process and the Copper Effect sequence as satisfactory in a new blog post.

During the latest game news and in a new post on the official blog of Bioware Studio Gary McKee The general manager of the team mentioned the satisfactory process of producing Dragon Age 4 and the new Mass Effect. “We are working hard to build new versions of the Copper Effects and Dragon Edge series,” McKee wrote in the new post. “I see the extraordinary performance of both teams (producers of Dragons and Musafact).”

Mass Effect Concept Art Poster

McKee goes on to point out that the new version of Dragon Edge will be a full-fledged single-player, story-driven game. A work that, according to the general manager of BioWare, is a special experience whose skeleton is formed by “relying on the important choices of the player.” McKee went on to say that there are at least five hidden points and surprises in the official poster for the work that point to the extraordinary future of the series.

Both games are being developed for 9th generation platforms, and no release date has been announced yet. Unlike the Dragon Edge 4, the Copper Effect sequence is developed with the Unreal Engine 5 graphics engine. Because making this work with Frostbite graphics engine was a problem for the production team. According to the latest news, Dragon Age 4 will be released on 9th generation platforms on an unspecified date from 2023.

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