Boba Fat in the new video released from the canceled Star Wars 1313 game


Star Wars 1313, which was discontinued in 2013, has hit the news again with the release of a new video on the Internet.

Years ago, at a time when LucasArts had not yet been renamed Lucasfilm Games, LucasArts was in the process of making Star Wars 1313; The film caught the attention of many at E3 2012 and was canceled by Disney in 2013. Now a new video of Star Inc 1313 has been revealed that shows Boba Fatt as its main character.

This video, which is not of high quality and many of the environments in it are incomplete, has reminded many gamers of Star Wars 1313 in recent hours. Many people are still upset about the fact that this game was canceled after Disney bought LucasArtz. Based on the information leaked, we know that at the beginning of this game, we were going to control a new bonus hunter and then watch him be killed by Boba Fat. The character was then given control of Boba Ft, and by the end of Star Wars 1313, the gamer was playing Boba Ft in Crosant. The new video was released while many people are now watching The Book of Boba Fett.

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Now the situation does not look bad at all for Star Wars games. Response Entertainment Studio not only builds the new Star Wars Jedi game, but also monitors it. Peter Hershman He is also working on a new first person shooter game in Star World Inc; A person who was a former and key member of LucasArtz and is known as one of the creators of the Medal of Honor game series. Bit Reactor Studios is working with Respawn on a new Star Wars strategy game.

Ubisoft’s Star Wars World-Open game, Zynga’s free Star Wars: Hunters shooter, and Quantum Dream’s Star Wars Eclipse are also under construction. Meanwhile, it should not be forgotten that Aspyr Studios and Sony’s interactive entertainment division unveiled the acclaimed Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic role-playing remake on PlayStation Shockis 2021.

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