Bobby Kotik’s letter to Activision Blizzard employees about Microsoft’s acquisition


In a letter to the company’s employees, Bobby Kotik, CEO of Activision Blizzard, gave a detailed explanation of Microsoft’s purchase agreement and the company’s goals.

Microsoft officially announced yesterday in an unexpected news that it is acquiring Activision Blizzard with a contract worth $ 70 billion. Interestingly, this comes just months after Activision Blizzard’s noisy fringe in a California state court lawsuit alleging harassment of employees at the company’s workplace.

Although it was announced in an official announcement that Bobby Kotik, the current CEO of the company, will remain in his position, insiders report that Kotik will leave Activision Blizzard after completing the acquisition process in 2023.

In any case, Kotik is still the head of Activision Blizzard, and on the occasion of the transfer agreement, Microsoft sent an open letter to the employees of the company, the text of which The Verge has published. You can read the full text of this letter below:

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotik

“team members,

Today is an incredibly exciting day. As we continue our journey of connecting and interacting with the world through unparalleled entertainment, we will eventually do so as part of Microsoft. I’m confident that the incredibly talented team and the extraordinary games we have, along with our shared commitment to providing the best possible work environment, will prepare us to take the lead in the game world that is evolving through Metavars.

How did we get here and where are we going?

We have a lot to be proud of when we think about what we have built together. Over the past 31 years, we have continuously shaped the gaming industry by providing joy, entertainment, excitement and a passion for success. We turned games into social experiences and allowed players to find purpose and meaning through the most engaging form of entertainment, our games. By doing so, we have succeeded in creating and entertaining a community of millions of players from around the world.

Creating a connection between these communities is now our next step. Facebook, Google, Tencent, NetEase, Amazon, Apple, Sony, Disney and many more all have their own ambitious ideas for gaming industry initiatives. The established and emerging competitors of the gaming industry all see a great opportunity to enter the virtual world and be full of professional content produced by Metavars, which is rich in user-generated content and deep social connections.

Our tremendous talents and valuable games are important components in building a rich meta-transformation. We have always attracted the best players to our team and made the best games to make the best use of passion, inspiration, focus and determination.

Contributing to the definition of the future

As investments in cloud technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning, data analytics, user interface and user experience capabilities become increasingly competitive, we believe this partnership will strengthen our ability to achieve our ambitious goals.

In the search for potential partners, all avenues eventually lead to Microsoft. Just like us, they have been making video games for years and have released their games to hundreds of millions of computers and other devices around the world, and they have technologies and innovations that will support the next generation of video games.

Bobby Kotik: When it comes to potential partners, all the way to Microsoft

In addition, Microsoft will support the way forward to further strengthen the culture that governs our work environment. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has been a staunch supporter of the concept of care as a leadership asset. Inspiring people through empathy is a strong motivator, and by renewing our resolve to do what we are doing right now, we will set new standards in our workplace culture and be welcomed throughout our workplace.

More importantly, Microsoft is looking for you, your talents, and your creativity and commitment to each other. Because the success of Activision Blizzard over the years can be attributed to each of you. Microsoft is well aware of the commitment to excellence and creative independence that sets us apart, and we will make the fewest changes to our workforce by the end of the transaction process. Microsoft’s diverse operations provide us with access to valuable professionals, technologies and tools to further develop our knowledge and capabilities.

The culture of any organization, including ours, does not need to be developed. Thanks for your valuable feedback, we are improving our work culture, and I am personally committed to continuing to evolve my culture to the point where Microsoft delivers a model work environment by the time it is completed.

And what about the next programs …

Completing large exchanges like this may take a long time. The agreement has not been finalized until it has received all the necessary regulatory approvals and other customary terms of the contract have been met. Therefore, we expect to continue to operate completely independently until the fiscal year 2023 of Microsoft, which ends on June 30, 2023. I will continue to work as the CEO with the same enthusiasm I had at the beginning of this amazing journey in 1991.

Of course, this announcement will raise many questions. Therefore, we will host several different forums and events to ensure that your questions and concerns are addressed.

I’m very proud of this company, I’m proud of you and what we did together. Now that we have our next chapter on our path, we have countless possibilities. I can not appreciate enough your efforts, attention and commitment and dedication in connecting the world through joy and entertainment.

Thank you very much,

Bobby ยป

Acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft

Activision Blizzard employees signed a petition in November last year calling for Kotik to be fired as CEO. The request followed reports of his covert role in harassing staff.

As Bobby Kotik noted in his letter, Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard has not yet been finalized. Because there are so many legal barriers that need to be addressed one by one. One of these cases is the agreement of Activision Blizzard shareholders to conclude this agreement. Therefore, it is said that this deal will not be finalized by the end of fiscal year 2023 of Microsoft. This period lasts from July 2022 to June 2023.

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