Box Office Report: Can Spider-Man 3 overtake Avatar?


Is Spider-Man: There is no way home It can be left behind Avatar Become the third best film in North American history? In this week’s box office report, in addition to examining this question, we review the best-selling films of the past weekend.

This week’s box office report with Spider-Man: There is no way home Let’s start with the fact that during the last whistle and blind weekend, it reached an excellent figure of 14 million and 125 thousand dollars, bringing its total 38-day sales to 721 million dollars. In its sixth weekend, the film saw a slight 30% drop in sales, minus آکوآمن (Negative 29%), Titanic (Negative 16%) and Avatar (Minus 18%), a better statistic than all the Christmas blockbusters in recent movie history (Star Wars sequels, Middle-earth movies, Theron: Heritage Etc.). Sixth weekend income There is no way home Above the likes Star Wars: The Ghost Threat (14 million and 100 thousand dollars in 1999) and The force rises ($ 14 million in 2016), the seventeenth highest income in the history of the sixth weekend. What if movies like لالالند Remove from the category (although the film sold $ 14.5 million in its sixth weekend, but only because it increased its number of cinemas from 750 to 1,848 this weekend). Had given), then There is no way home Joins the top 10 films of the sixth weekend.

New and international Spider-Man movie poster: No Way Home

There is no way home Bebrobergerd was always supposed to break the box office record, but the film’s current unstoppable uniqueness stems from the absence of any rivals. What has already been done in favor of this film is that it is not alone Sing 2 (Animation for a smaller audience) and a horror movie جیغ (An adult slasher) does not overlap with its audience, but usually sees a best-selling Oscar film in the awards season (ازگوربرخاسته In 2016, Hidden persons In 2017 or 1917 We are in 2020), which 2022 lacks. Also, now that Sony has a release date Morbius Postponed from the 28th of January (February 8, 1400) to the 1st of April (April 12, 1401) to give more space for a freer ascent. There is no way home Provide the film until February 4th Stubborn forever (Jackass Forever) and Falling Moon (Moonfall) will be released, without a competitor, he will still have the entire box office in his own person.

Although home sales are currently $ 766 million There is no way home It is predicted, but if this film will be nominated for the Best Picture Oscar or if the February screens like Death on the Nile And انچارتد If they are not welcomed, then they will have the potential to earn a better income than they currently expect. But for now There is no way home behind Avatar ($ 760 million), Hi Mom ($ 835 million in China), Avengers: The end of the game ($ 858 million), Battle of Lake Changchin ($ 905 million in China) and The force rises ($ 937 million) is the sixth best-selling single-film film in box office history. In other words, There is no way home To overcome Avatar And becoming the third highest-grossing film in North American box office history requires another $ 40 million. Is this possible? Not guaranteed, but tolerable.

Green Goblin throws grenade at Spider-Man The movie is not a way home

The point is: There is no way home During the first six weeks of its run, it was 31 percent better than the first six weeks Avatar (551 million and 700 thousand dollars) sold. But this is the point of difference: while the $ 260 million opening There is no way home It accounts for 1.36 percent of its total household income, opening at $ 77 million. Avatar It accounts for only 1.10 percent of his total household income. That means though Spider-Man 3 At first more sales than Avatar Had, but Avatar Has experienced more continuous sales in the long run; Avatar in its sixth weekend 34 million and 900 thousand dollars (compared to 14 million revenue There is no way homeSold $ 31,200,000 in its seventh weekend, $ 22,850,000 in its eighth weekend, and $ 28,700,000 in its fourth four-day weekend, which coincided with the presidential holiday (February 15).

There is no way home To overcome Avatar And becoming the third highest-grossing film in North American box office history requires another $ 40 million

So, if There is no way home Hope that Avatar Must defeat from now until the weekend of the Presidential Day (February 21, 2022 / March 2, 1400) a performance similar to Star Wars: The Force Awakens Have. Income Spider-Man 3 In its sixth weekend equal to income The force rises It’s in its sixth weekend ($ 14 million). The force rises In its seventh weekend, it saw a 21 percent drop in sales from the previous week, selling $ 11 million. The film grossed a total of $ 37.1 million between its sixth weekend and Presidential Day. If There is no way home To be able to repeat this process will be to defeat James Cameron’s science fiction film. also, There is no way home In the list of best-selling films of North America, including the inflation rate is higher than Jurassic World، The Avengers And Blackpoint Has made it to the top 30. As soon as this musical film Grace ($ 396 million in 1978 / $ 722 million at today’s rate), to the thirteenth best-selling film of the post- star Wars (Since 1977) changes.

It is noteworthy that There is no way home With $ 105 million from IMAX cinemas, it is the tenth highest grossing film in the history of IMAX cinemas in the world. Speaking of which, John Watts has reached a staggering $ 1.6 billion worldwide; The figure that finally puts this film in the ranking of the best-selling box office films of the world. Lion king ($ 1 billion 663 million) and Jurassic World ($ 1.671 billion) crossed. in other words, There is no way home Right now just behind Avengers: Eternal War ($ 2.48 billion), Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2 billion and 68 million dollars), Titanic ($ 2.2 billion), Avengers: The end of the game ($ 2 billion and $ 790 million) and Avatar ($ 2.8 billion) is the sixth highest grossing film in the history of the global box office.

also, There is no way home Finally, the foreign revenue of 943 million dollars of animation Frozen 2 ($ 1.4 billion worldwide) to become the best-selling box office, foreign box office, and worldwide box office film of all time. Avengers: The end of the game To become in 2019 so far. Yes, as usual it should be noted that There is no way home It has done all this without the help of the Chinese market. If the film was released in China, would we now see $ 2 billion in global revenue? Probably yes. Because unhealthy Spider-Man: Away from home Experience 71% sales growth compared to return to home, Sold $ 199 million in this country. But is Sony now worried that its film has sold only about $ 1.8 billion? Probably not.

Gustofis attacks the movie Scream

But from Spider-Man 3 By the way, the most important newcomers of this week are religious drama Save the love (Redeeming Love) was a universal product that grossed $ 3,071,000 at its opening in 1,903 theaters. Although the film received a disastrous 11th rating from critics on Ratnatomitoz, the audience treated it more kindly (average B rating is positive). But the second newcomer this week King’s daughter (The King’s Daughter) which, after eight years of filming, was released in 2,170 cinemas and earned only $ 750,000. The film, starring Pierce Brosnan, Kaya Scudellario and Benjamin Walker (the latter two are married and have two children) is an adaptation of the novel. Moon and Sun Is; The interesting thing is that this novel was published in 1997, surpassing game of Thrones George R. R. Martin won that year’s Nabiola Prize for Best Science Fiction / Fantasy Novel. King’s daughter Originally filmed in 2014 and scheduled for release on April 10, 2015, it tells the story of an aristocratic girl who befriends a mermaid whom her father has taken hostage to achieve eternal life.

In the second row of the table but to جیغ ۵ (Scream) We found that after experiencing a sharp 71% drop in sales on its second Friday, it earned 12 million and 400 thousand dollars in its second weekend. The film lost 59 percent of its sales in its second weekend with جیغ ۲ (Negative 57% at the same time Titanic And He will never die tomorrow ), Scream 3 (negative 53 vs. the coast Leonardo DiCaprio) and جیغ ۴ (Minus 64% after the opening of its $ 18 million weakness) equals. In contrast, the second weekend income جیغ ۵ Below جیغ ۳ (16 million and 300 thousand dollars) and جیغ ۲ (13 million and 900 thousand dollars) is in the third place of this collection. The adult slasher has sold $ 51 million at the North American box office so far, which is more or less double its $ 24 million budget.

Although the film’s sales slump in the week after Martin Luther King Jr.’s weekend is better than Ride together 2 (Negative 64%), but slightly lower than Mama (Minus 54%). جیغ ۵ It will likely sell for $ 75 million to $ 80 million at the box office by the end of its release period; This figure is so good that it gives the green light to production جیغ ۶ (In case of preventing a sharp increase in the budget). جیغ ۵ Which has so far received $ 33.6 million from foreign countries, has sold a total of $ 85 million worldwide. Third place in the table to animation Sing 2 (Sing 2) owns that, although currently available on movie rental platforms, still sold another $ 5.710 million in its fifth weekend. The $ 85 million musical has sold $ 128.4 million at the box office and $ 242 million worldwide.

Sing 2 Leaving both behind Charm ($ 215 million) and Crouds: The New Age ($ 227 million) is officially the best-selling animation of the Corona era. Durability of this film compared to the first part sing a song ($ 271 million in home sales in 2016) Better than durability Secret life of pets 2 Compared to the first part (from $ 368 million in 2016 to $ 160 million in 2019). In the fifth category of the table to The king’s man (The King’s Man) will be released on Hulu streaming service from February 18; The film, which grossed $ 22,730,000 in its fifth weekend and saw only 22 percent drop in sales, has seen remarkable durability over the past month. While the movie sales themselves are awful ($ 31 million home-made and $ 105 million worldwide), at least some twentieth-century Disney movies stay on the table with all their might. This is about music Westside story He also earned $ 690,000 in his seventh weekend (26 percent drop in sales), bringing his total home to $ 35 million, which is 35.3 times his opening income. French report Wes Anderson has sold $ 16.1 million in North America so far, double the $ 7 million revenue. بلفاستِ Count Brana is counted. Eventually, Venom: Let the slaughter take place Sony also made it to the first episode last week ونوم Re-released, it has sold 213 million and 480 thousand dollars and sooner or later it will surpass the previous part of the revenue of 213 million and 500 thousand dollars.

Top 10 Movies of the Weekend (January 21-23, 2022)

Row movie’s name Weekend income Total North America Number of weeks

Spider-Man: No Way Home

14 million and 125 thousand dollars $ 721 million 6


12 million and 400 thousand dollars 51 million and 348 thousand dollars ۲

Sing 2

5 million and 710 thousand dollars 128 million and 412 thousand dollars 5

Redeeming Love

3 million and 710 thousand dollars 3 million and 710 thousand dollars 1
5 The King’s Man One million and 779 thousand dollars 31 million and 510 thousand dollars 5
6 The 355 One million and 600 thousand dollars $ 11 million 3
7 American Underdog One million and 225 thousand dollars 23 million and 132 thousand dollars 5

The King’s Daughter

$ 750,000 $ 750,000 1

West Side Story

698 thousand dollars $ 35 million 7

Licorice Pizza

683 thousand dollars 10 million and 786 thousand dollars 9
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