Bungee and other PlayStation studios help each other make games


Bungee Gaming Studio will not only advance its projects, but also contribute a few live service games to other PlayStation studios with its technology and team strength.

We learned a few years ago that Sony wants to grow significantly in the production and dissemination of multiplayer and live service experiences during the 9th generation, in addition to making the story and single-player games they are known for. We now know that experience, gameplay, and, of course, Bungie technologies contribute to the live service of other PlayStation studios. Yesterday we read in the latest game news that Bungee, the studio that created works such as Halo 2 and Destiny 2, has been bought by Sony’s interactive entertainment department for $ 3.6 billion.

Not only did Sony emphasize the independent nature and continuity of the bungee multiplayer platform as part of the PlayStation, much to the delight of many Destiny fans, but also explained how PlayStation Studios would benefit greatly from Bungie’s presence on the team. Jim Ryan“Bungee’s successful track record of operating on multiple platforms and offering live-streaming games will help us realize our ambitions,” wrote the CEO and President of SIE. “Ambitions to take the PlayStation beyond the console and increase its users.”

Interestingly, Jim Ryan says that not only will Bungee help build some of the PlayStation’s other studios, but the PlayStation Players can also have a positive impact on Bungie’s career. Yesterday Herman HolstThe head of PlayStation Studios said he wanted Bungee and other First Studios (Sony) PS Studios teams to share gaming knowledge and learn from each other.

Bought Bungee, creator of the Destiny and Hilo game series by Sony PlayStation

Based on job postings and reports, we know that Sony has apparently been making five games with multiplayer elements for some time, which will probably be supported by the developers as a long-term live service; Sony Studio Online game for PlayStation 5, Nate Dogg’s new and great multiplayer game in the world The Last of Us, reboot of Firesprite Studio Twisted Metal in the form of a free game, exclusive game under construction by Deviation Games Studio and exclusive game in Haven Studio is under construction Jade Raymond. Even if only some of these games are related to multiplayer and live service, studios can use bungee tips and technologies to build them.

“This is a strategic step towards the evolution of the experiences we build,” Ryan explained in part. Bungee’s experience and expertise in working on a world-class service and providing long-term entertainment to the user community is invaluable and contributes to the production of live service games being built by other PlayStation studios. “At the same time, we see that the exceptional skills of other PlayStation studios can help Bungee to improve the quality of the studio’s current series and new games.”

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