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Call of Duty game is one of the most popular and attractive mobile games in the world, which was first released in 2019.

Gamers play with robots in the early stages of the game, and defeating robots is not difficult; But in the next stages, real users from all over the world will be present as competitors in Call of Duty. Professional gamers should buy CP from PubJay Pay site to buy equipment, weapons, beautify the game environment, progress fast and earn money. CP Kalaf stands for Call of Duty point, which is the exclusive currency of this game and is used for in-game payments. PubJay site is one of the oldest, safest and most reputable sites active in the field of selling online games and CP Call of Duty. This article will talk about how to buy CP, the benefits of buying CP Kalaf and the features of PubJay store.

Call of Duty Mobile Store

What is CP Kalaf Duty and what is its use?

All gamers in the world are well acquainted with Call of Duty, and have experienced this exciting and fascinating game at least once. Call of Duty action game is provided by Activision in cooperation with Tencent and has high graphics. The various sections of Call of Duty include multiplayer games, Battle Royale, ‌ Zombies, etc. ‌ Gamers must have the game’s own currency or Call of Duty in order to be more powerful in Call of Duty and upgrade their equipment and weapons. To be. CPC, like other currencies, has many capabilities and benefits.

With the purchase of CP, the previous items of Call of Duty game can be updated and the level of game characters such as Captain Price, David Mason, Simon Gast, Alex Mason and Thomas Merrick can be upgraded and the fight can be continued professionally in order to earn money. Of course, there are also ways to get a free Calf Duty CP. These methods include completing missions, looting equipment, following Calaf’s social networks, and unlocking GUN XP cards. Players will receive a free CPU as a reward for participating in challenges and completing weekly and daily missions. When the number of equipment looted by a player increases, a free CP is provided under the terms of this game.

Benefits of buying CP call of Duty What is Pabji Pi?

One of the benefits of buying CP is that players can buy new weapons and equipment, upgrade them, and multiply the power of their weapons. With this feature, the attractiveness of this exciting game will increase greatly, and the player’s superiority in various battles and tournaments will be determined by gaining top rankings. The player appears more powerful when fighting opponents. After purchasing CP Call, players can buy coins and do interesting things with the purchased coins. With CP Call, it is possible to participate in the chance wheel of this game and win various prizes.

In-game CPUs

In order for a player to be able to participate in the Call of Duty game, they must have at least 80 CPs. They also need to buy a CP to change their avatar. Each player is allowed to change their avatar three times a day and pay 500 CP for each change. Another advantage of using CP Call is the possibility of activating some very important stages of the game, such as Battlepost and Battle Royale. People living in foreign countries have no restrictions on buying CF Call of Duty and can easily and quickly make their purchase by paying within the program. However, due to the sanctions imposed on Iran, it is not possible to buy in-app for Iranian players. Iranians buy cp using sites that sell this currency, such as Pabji P, which act as intermediaries.

Factors influencing the purchase price of CP Kalaf

The purchase price of a CP depends on several factors. One of the most important factors in determining the purchase price of an online gaming store is the choice of the player. Each store has different prices for its products. There are many online gaming stores operating as intermediaries in the sale of CP Call of Duty. Reputable and reputable stores such as Pabji Pay usually provide cp to their users at a more reasonable price. Another factor that has a very direct effect on the purchase price of cp is the fluctuations in the price of the dollar. The dollar exchange rate in Iran is always fluctuating and affects the purchase price of CPI. CP Kalaf Duty packages are sold in various volumes. The price of each package varies according to its size.

how to buy cp What about Pabji online game store?

Players of the exciting game Call of Duty can purchase the cp at a reasonable price by visiting the PubGPay online game store website at After visiting the site, enter the games purchase section and select the package you want; After selecting the CPC Call Duty package, carefully record the complete information in the requested form. Players must be very careful in entering their account user, because in case of the slightest mistake, the purchased package may be transferred to another player’s account. PubJip is one of the most reputable sites in the field of online gambling currency sales and has very strong support and is ready to provide services to customers around the clock.

This store provides cp packages to Iranian players at a fair and cheap price, and the process of activating the package on this site is very fast. In addition to selling CPC Call Duty and other game currencies, Pabji Pay answers users’ questions and problems. Variety of package sizes, having an electronic trust symbol from the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, high security, high deposit speed and high security of international payment gateways are other advantages of Pabji Pay online gaming store. The experts of Pabji Pay site are ready to answer users’ questions on any day of the week from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM. To contact the experts, call the numbers listed on the site.

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