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At the request of a government agency in the UK, Microsoft has put on the agenda the possibility of automatically canceling the game back subscription and recovering unwanted user fees.

If you already have a history of purchasing any of the online subscription services like PS Plus, Netflix or Amazon Prime, you can almost say for sure that you may have spent more than you used. Users of these services have often received a message informing them that they have paid for a subscription renewal that they do not use at all. People usually decide to unsubscribe next month.

But the important thing is that the cost can no longer be recovered or at least a large part of it will be deducted. Now, years after users are harmed by purchasing services they never use, the UK government is examining the practice of automatically renewing subscriptions by service providers. Now Xbox has decided to make changes to the way it manages the subscription of GamePass and Xbox Live services.

Microsoft has announced that it plans to contact inactive users in the future to remind them that they are paying for the renewal of these subscriptions. In addition, if a user does not use their purchased service for a long time, the automatic payment of the renewal fee will be canceled. The Competition and Market Agency, as a government agency in the UK, is responsible for reviewing how the PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo gaming services are automatically renewed to decide on possible changes.

Phil Spencer and Xbox Service After

Consumer law investigations have actually been underway since 2019, but news released today shows that correspondence has been made with Microsoft during this period, and the company has been promised to improve the way it provides services on Xbox shared services. One of the biggest changes to the way subscription renewal is managed is the ability to recoup payments if you do not wish to renew automatically.

Accordingly, all those who have at least 12 months of history of buying subscriptions from these companies, even after renewing their contract, will be able to get their payment back. Of course, some of this amount will be deducted depending on the time remaining until the end of the subscription. Microsoft will contact all users who have not used their shared service for a certain period of time and will automatically cancel their subscriptions if this process continues.

It is unclear whether Sony and Nintendo will follow the same path; But the UK Competition Authority may have contacted them as well. These changes may therefore reduce some of the unwanted costs for users to renew services that they no longer use.

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