Collaboration with Mark Cerny and Jade Raymond on Haven Studios


New official information about Haven Studio game has been made available to fans; The work is made in collaboration with Sony and wants to make good use of the power of the PS5 with the help of Mark Cerny.

Haven Studio game, made in collaboration with Sony XDev, will be offered to gamers on PlayStation 5 and PC platform. Jade Raymond As the studio’s main game developer and president, he said a few months ago that he wanted to produce a game with very high graphics and make the most of the power of the PS5 console with Haven Studio’s ambitious project. Now, based on the latest game news, we know that the production team intends to get help from Mark SerniHas a senior PlayStation 5 architect in this direction.

Based on the new description, it already seems clear that this work is one of the “10 Sony live service games until 2026”. Haven Studios has now tripled its membership compared to a few months ago. Because some former Ubisoft senior members who have worked on works such as the first installment of the Assassin’s Creed series have now rejoined Jade Raymond in Haven.

Haven is currently focusing on one game; A work that will constantly receive content and grow to evolve the online environment provided for the player. It was revealed some time ago that کوری میAuthor of Assassin’s Creed 2, is working on Haven Studios.

Deviation Games Studio and Firewalk Studio are other teams that, like Haven, are working on the game in collaboration with Sony XDev. The publisher of these teams will be the PlayStation Interactive Entertainment, and the games in question will be released under the PS Studios brand.

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