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How to connect & use your iPad as a second display With macOS Catalina

On June 2019 Apple company has released the macOS Catalina and iPad OS, both of them has the latest  New feature and Functionalities which called Sidecar. Along this two product it has has released many more products like Apply watch OS 6, TVOS, iPad OS and Mac Pro 2019 and more . Apple put many latest features in macOS Catalina 10.15 Beta like Find My, Screen Time, Podcasts, Apple Pencil, Apple Watch with sidecar and more.  By Sidecar you are able to create an extended work space by turning your iPad into a second display that the screens displaying the different content like mirror each others.

Sidecar has core feature designed for increased productivity and creativity when you are working with multiple devices. The tools and palettes can be retouch on ipad while images are referenced on a mac.
Here i am going to show you how to connect and use your ipad as a second display with macOs Catalina 10.15 Beta.


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How to Connect and use your iPad as a second display with macOs Catalina – Apple Sidecar

On macOS and iPad OS, now you are able to use to use iPad as second display screen to your mac
The new feature called sidecar which allows macOS Catalina connect to iPad as second display through cable or wireless within 10 meters, there is so simple ways to connect this two with each other just follow the steps

  1. Go to the Airplay Menu of your Mac
  2. Then Choose your iPad from the Drop down in Air Play

When you are connected you can see monitor app in the menu mark of Mac and many different options to choose if from external display

  1. Hide sidebar
  2. Use as Separate display
  3. Hide Touch Bar
  4. Mirror Built in Retina Display

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In open sidebar preferences you can edit the display mode which make you able to move the sidebar to the right and left side along with touch bar to the top or the bottom and you can use the Apple Pencil

There are many functionalities of sidecar for macOS Catalina such as continuity sketch, Gesture, Draw and sketch in apps, Developer Support and many more

Sidecar can be used by cable or wireless with in 10 meter of your Mac , by cable you also can charge you Mac. 

Touch Bar you can control appear at the bottom of your iPad screen even though if your mac does not have any touch bar

Extended Desktop

You can use iPad as a second display for additional screen space that you are able to refer to one app while you are working in another, or you can see a presentation looks in presentation mode on your iPad while you are editing it on your Mac one.

Mirrored Desktop

By mirroring the screen your Mac you can have two screens displaying the same content that make it perfect for sharing with more devices

Draw and Sketch in Apps

By using Apple Pencil you can draw and write naturally, edit a photo or graphic, use ot to the point and click as you want with mouse

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You can use same multi touch gestures which you are familiar with it on your iPad,  with new text editing gestures it let you to cut,copy, paste and undo without lifting your hands from the onscreen keyboard

Continuity Sketch

With Apple Pencil you can sketch on your iPad and you can easily insert it into any document file on your mac

Continuity Markup

You can mark up your documents with Apple Pencil and can see the updates live on your mac as you marked them up on your iPad

Developer support

Developers don’t need to do anything for Sidecar support — it just works. Apps with advanced stylus support can use Tablet Events in AppKit to enable pressure and tilt for Apple Pencil. Additionally, developers can specify custom behavior for double-tap on the side of Apple Pencil through a change Mode event.

The following apps supports for Sidecar which apply has confirmed, this apps works with Apple Pencil 

  1. Adobe: After Effects, Illustrator, Premiere Pro
  2. Affinity Designer & Affinity Photo
  3. Cinema 4D
  4. CorelDRAW
  5. DaVinci Resolve
  6. Final Cut Pro & Motion
  7. Maya
  8. Painter
  9. Principle
  10. Sketch
  11. Substance Designer & Painter
  12. ZBrush

For more details about this feature you can visit Apple website.


Sidecar is a new feature which is available on macOS 10.15 Catalina Beta that makes you possible to connect your iPad with Mac (macOS Catalina), hope you get more information regarding Sidecar’s usage in mac. 

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