Construction of a new A Quiet Place by director Pig


Michael Sarnowski, best known for his role in Pig in 2021, is the director of the new film A Quiet Place; Spin-off Set of a quiet place.

Pig movie, produced in 2021 with role-playing Nicolas Cage It was able to attract the attention of many critics. Michael Sarnowski This means that the director of the aforementioned work is supposed to make a film A Quiet Place for Paramount. Based on the latest movie and TV news, we know that the new film in question is not a direct sequel to A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place Part II, but with an idea of ​​its own. John Krasinski (Actor, writer and director of two films A Silent Place) is made. Apparently, this sub-film makes the world of A Quiet Place bigger than before.

If the negotiations end smoothly, Sarnowski will personally write the final script. It was supposed to be before Sarnowski was elected Jeff Nichols To direct this film A Quiet Place. But he left the project some time ago. Paramount Pictures hopes that with the release of the spin-off film in question, A Quiet Place will become a collection that the studio can produce and distribute new works in its fictional world for years.

It is possible that Emily Blunt and John Krasinski will not be in the cast of this new sub-film of a silent place. Of course, one should always wait until the official and definite news is published. If you want to know more about Sarnowski’s work, you may want to read the Pig review in Zomji.

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