Continue hiring at Sony’s London studio to play PlayStation 5 online


Sony Studio London is still hiring and growing. The PS Studios team is working on an exclusive PlayStation 5 online game.

Undoubtedly, London Studio can be considered as one of the exclusive game development studios of Sony’s interactive entertainment department, which has worked on various works. The latest release from this first-party (exclusive) team was Blood & Truth, which was released in 2019 and is one of the most acclaimed virtual reality games of recent years. The studio has been expanding for months, hiring more game developers. The developers have stated that they are working on an online game for the PlayStation 5.

Sony Studios London said in its latest recruitment announcement that it is looking for a senior character designer to do more work on the character building aspects of the game. After being hired, the chief designer joins several other designers in the team and will work on a large number of “characters, costumes, creatures, weapons and tools”.

Sony London Studio logo

According to a previous job posting, Sony’s London’s new game is expected to receive more content over time after its release. We do not know much about this mysterious project. Will the effect in question be an online game in a new series or will it revive one of Sony’s old proprietary games? Herman Holst, The head of PlayStation Studios in A short tweet “I’m very excited about the new London Studio project,” he said.

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