Continued supply problem for Nintendo Switch in 2022


Nintendo CEO predicts that Nintendo Switch production in 2022 will not be favorable due to the parts shortage crisis.

According to the latest game news, Shuntaro ForukawaNintendo CEO recently announced that the problem of parts supply for Nintendo Switch will probably continue in 2022. The reason also goes back to the problems that have plagued not just the gaming industry, but all tech manufacturers for more than a year; These include the shortage of semiconductor chips and the problems associated with the transportation of goods, both of which are affected by the Corona epidemic.

Furokawa notes, of course, that Nintendo experienced good sales at the end of the year, during which time the Nintendo Switch OLED model contributed to the console’s outstanding commercial performance. However, Nintendo struggled to meet demand on Black Friday. They used air freight to get their Nintendo switches to buyers around the world on time. Nintendo even turned to rail transportation for the first time to meet the demand of European customers.

Picture of OLED model of Nintendo Switch console in black and white

The Nintendo CEO adds that they have not been able to fully meet market demand since Black Friday. Furukawa thinks the situation in 2022 will remain the same. He says demand for the Nintendo Switch next year will be a decisive factor. But he predicts that in 2022, Nintendo will not be able to produce as many products as it wants.

In early November (mid-November), Nintendo estimated that in fiscal year 2021 (which ends in April 1401), it would not be able to achieve its previous goal of selling the Nintendo Switch. The Japanese company had planned to sell 25.5 million consoles this fiscal year, but predicted in November that it would not be able to sell more than 24 million Nintendo Switches during that period.

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