Copper Effect among the January 2022 Xbox Games

Microsoft announced which games will be returned to the Xbox Game archive in the first half of January 2022 and which games will leave the service.

Gorogoa, Olija and The Pedestrian join Microsoft’s Xbox game today. You can experience them on Xbox consoles, PCs and Xbox Cloud gaming. Embr and Outer Wilds will also be available on Xbox GamePas on January 6. Then, on January 13th, Spelunky 2 and The Anacrusis will be released. Of course, the last two can not be experienced on the cloud.

Electronic Arts will release Mass Effect: Legendary Edition on EA Play on January 6th. Everyone who subscribes to Xbox Game Ultimate is automatically an EA Play subscriber and can experience EA’s triple copper effect remaster.

On January 15 (January 25), we will see the departure of 6 games from the game; Desperados III, Ghost of a Tale, Kingdom Hearts III, Mount & Blade: Warband, Pandemic, and Yiik: A Postmodern RPG. Also, since PUBG: Battlegrounds will be free for everyone from January 12 (January 22), the game will leave the game on January 10 (January 20).

You need a PC Game Pass subscription to access the PC version of the game, which costs $ 9.99 a month, and the Xbox Game subscription for consoles sells for exactly the same price. The $ 14.99 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription gives you both pre-registered subscriptions in addition to Xbox Live Gold and EA Play.

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