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How to Create an Image of Your USB Drive and Restore it

You can Create an Image of your USB by saving an ios image which allows you to take the entire image of your USB, SD Card or Hard disk. Most of you use boot able USB drive for installing windows on your PC or laptop, in this case you need to take a backup of your USB drive. It is hard to copy all of your data in other drive so take a ios image of the USB drive will be pretty easy for you.

The benefit of the creation image of USB Drive are saving more usable storage space, safe way to backup windows system, it is portable to restore system image to any computer and emergency restore when the system goes wrong or bring system back to the previous stable state

Before you restore the image of a USB drive to a drive with same size, when you have a 8 GB USB drive and want to take an image of the USB drive. It will be copying the exact size of the USB drive byte to byte like when you take an image of 8 GB and want to write it to 16 GB USB drive. When you write it to 16 GB Flash drive the 8 GB space will be accessible. However, the revere is also problematic so you have to create an image of 16 GB and you will not able to copy it to 8 GB driver again for taking a backup of the USB drive.

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How to Create an Image of Your USB Drive

Create an image of your USB drive has many ways, here by the PassMark Image USB is free, light weight software utility that runs on all Windows operating systems. so lets create an image of Flash drive in easy way and free.

For creation an image of USB drive or SD Card , go to your computer then open Image USB after that you need to select the drive which you want to have an image of it . now follow the step by step guide

create an image of your USB Drive

  1. Select the USB Flash for the creation an image of USB
  2. Now select the 2nd option ( Create image from the USB Flash)
  3. Here you need to select the location of the image
  4. Then click on Create button
  5. After that Click on Yes option

create an image of USB Drive

When you choose the location for an Image of USB drive the fill will have .bin file extension as it is a binary file representing the content of the drive.

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How to Restore an Image of Your USB Drive

For a restore or write of an image to USB drive you have to follow some steps, it is so simple to write the image. the flash drive should be the clean 

  • Select the USB drive or SD Card
  • Select write to USB drive 
  • Find the Image on your PC
  • Click on Write to Flash or USB


When you do not have time to copy and paste the files which you have in your USB but you need urgent so here i have showed you how to create an image of your USB drive and restore it back to your USB drive or flash. 

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