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How to Create macOS Catalina 10.15 Beta USB Installer?

In Every WWDC ( world wide Developer conference ) specialy in 2019 one, It was an amazing News for the users who was waiting for the new development of the technology one of the company has a better and new product was as always Apple company, this company has upgrade some of this the devices and also released WatchOS 6, TVOs , iOS 13, Mac Pro 2019, IpadOs and macOS Catalina 10.15 Beta.

This operating will be available for the mac user till the end of this year 2019, Only Beta version is available right now on the developer program but the Public Beta will be available in july 2019.
So when you want to install Catalina beta you need to boot a USB installer drive that allows you easy formating and partitioning of disk too and it will make a simple perform a clean installation of macOS  catalina 10.15 beta on mac.

The smartest way is to update macOS Mojave 10.14 to macOS Catalina 10.15 Beta is through Mac App but if the system had a problem, you may need to do clean installation in that way you need to install it with bootable flash drive and this can be done in two ways like first though Terminal and with the help of special utility.

So, you need to create macOS 10.15 Catalina USB Installer drive, and follow  some steps which i am going to show you in this article with download links of Beta Developer

macOS Catalina 10.15 Beta

Before starting installation please check out your system some of the mac would support macOS Catalina 10.15 Beta but some of this are not supporting 

  • MacBook 2015 and later
  • MacBook Air 2012 and later
  • MacBook Pro 2012 and later
  • Mac Mini 2012 and later
  • iMac 2012 and later
  • iMac Pro 2017 and later
  • Mac Pro 2013 and later

Required Files for Creation of macOS Catalina USB Installer 

  1.  16 USB USB Flash Drive
  2.  macOS Catalina 10.15 Beta Image File

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Download and install macOS Catalina 10.15 Beta on Mac

Download MacOS Catalina 10.15 Beta 1

Step 1. Visit Apple developer program website, sing in it , if you are not register with that please sign up and create apple Developer account 

Step 2. Download the macOS 10.15 Catalina Beta, you can download it under the features download  option

Step 3. in this step if you are using the latest version of macOS operating system you have to upgrade it directly like using macOS 10.14 Mojave so if you are using old version you can to clean installation for that you need to create macOS 10.15 Catalina Beta USB installer so before you install or do clean installation take the backup of your data after that it won’t be backup.

How to Create Catalina 10.15 Beta USB Installer?

Step 1. Connect USB flash drive to the mac

Step 2. Now open the “Terminal” application, you can find it in Application/utility/directory

Step 3. Here you can enter the command at the terminal command line by replacing UNTITLED with USB flash drive name for the device that you want turn into the bootable Catalina beta installer

sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ 10.15\ –volume /Volumes/Untitled –applicationpath /Applications/Install\ macOS\ 10.15\

Step 4. Enter the key before that be confirmed that the syntax is correct

Step 5. If it ask for password type the administrator password

Step 6. Don’t to anything with mac, it will take a little while

When the macOS Catalina USB Installer driver has finished , you can immeditely run the installer or take it out for other Mac. You can restart the computer with it attached so that you can boot from the catalina beta installer to install the update or perform a clean install or partition the mac for install of macos catalina beta.

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How to Boot with macOS Catalina 10.15 Beta USB Installer Drive

  1. Connect masOS 10.15 Catalina Beta installer dirve to the mac
  2. Restart the Mac
  3. Click on the boot option till you see the boot menu
  4. You can select the macOS Catalina Beta installer Volume to boot it

After booting from macOS 10.15 Catalina, you are free to format the dist with disk utility and you can choose disk for installing of macOS 10.15 Catalina then use time machine plus access to the terminal from recovery mode and many other typical activities 


you can create macOS 10.15 Catalina Beta Installer very easy by following the steps which i have explained above so you can check it out. if you face any problem during the creation or installation please leave a comment on the comment box.

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