Creative explanation of Guardians of the Galaxy about the reason for choosing this game


Creative director Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy explains why Eidos Montreal Studios has adapted the Guardians of the Galaxy from Marvel’s comic book series.

Recently and during the latest game news, Jean-François Dougas (Jean-François Dugas), who co-directed the development of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, has chosen Guardians of the Galaxy from a collection of Marvel comics to create a video game adaptation in a new interview.

Dogas during a conversation with Ted Price The Game Maker’s Notebook podcast states that when it came to the studio’s adaptation of Marvel from the Marvel universe, they decided to go for the Guardians of the Galaxy comics because they felt that the Guardians of the Galaxy group, like Idas Montreal Studios, was always an underrated team. have been. In Dogas’s words we read:

“He (the studio director) asked us which Marvel series we like the most. He had the idea of ​​Guardians of the Galaxy from the beginning, and so did we. We felt that the Guardians of the Galaxy was a group of underdogs, and that matched the character of Idas Montreal Studios. Because I think there was a time when we wanted to make Deus Ex series games and everyone was saying no, this game is not going to work well. “Even when we were making Guardians of the Galaxy, everyone thought that this work was not going to have a quality output.”

Guardian's of the Galaxy game characters

At the end of the game, Guardians of the Galaxy was able to become a fun and high-quality work. The Guardians of the Galaxy game received a score of 9 in the Zomji review. In the summary of Zomji review of this game, we read:

“Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy came from a company and studio that have not had a good track record recently, but by learning from the past, they have introduced a product that can be considered a fun and exciting superhero and action adventure game. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy’s storytelling and characterization are such that even users who are not interested in superhero games will be entertained. However, the combat system of the game has a good charm and variety, and thanks to the different skills of your teammates, you can constantly implement different battle conditions. “However, the production team could have used more diverse enemies for their product and, on the other hand, had a better design for the finishing shot animations.”

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