Cristiano Ronaldo in the UFL gameplay trailer; A football game made with Unreal Engine


Strikerz Studios has finally released the UFL gameplay trailer as promised; A work that wants to challenge other football games.

The UFL game has been under construction for about 6 years

A few months after the game was introduced on Gamescom, the UFL gameplay trailer was released. This football game, which was made with Unreal Engine and the experience will be free, puts a lot of emphasis on providing a fair experience to gamers. Strikerz Studios is based in the UK and will release the UFL game in 2022 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox X Series | It will release Xbox S Series and Xbox One. Cristiano Ronaldo, The most famous and acclaimed player in the world of football is one of the main ambassadors of the UFL game. Alexander Zinchenko، Romulo Lukaku، Roberto Firmino And Kevin de Bruyne The other four ambassadors are from Strikerz Studios.

The UFL puts players in front of their peers in online competitions. The production team says that with respect to the work done in the world of football video games to date, it is doing its job in making the UFL game. “We feel that the football player community has been eager to bring about a change,” said the studio’s managing director. “Our goal in making the game is for the UFL to be free of the problems that have hindered the development of this genre.”

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Monaco from France, Besiktas from Turkey, Borussia Mشنnchengladbach from Germany, Celtic from Scotland, Rangers from Scotland, Shakhtar Donetsk from Ukraine, Sporting from Portugal and West Ham United from England for Striker UFL Special signatures. Strikerz game studio says it has pursued specific goals in its contracts with clubs; Not just looking for a license to put them in a football game. Can UFL become a strong contender for Electronic Arts’s FIFA and Konami’s eFootball? You have to wait for the product to arrive.

“Our goal in the game is to reach a new level of communication between clubs and their fans,” said Strikerz, the creator of the UFL football game. In the future, we will continue to announce the names of other partner clubs as well as sign contracts with more teams; Teams belonging to different parts of the world. So in 2022, wait for the news of new and hot games from us. “Whenever we feel ready, we go to the exact release date.” In the meantime, it has been officially confirmed that the UFL game is in the final stages of development.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the ambassador of the new UFL football game

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The UFL supports offline play, a two-on-two match, and a three-on-three match. The game will also host special online events and special offline activities. Beyond all this, the development team has focused on the UFL World Online Football League, in which gamers build their team. Nearly 5,000 real players are in the UFL for players to use to build their team.

what is your opinion? Given the first UFL gameplay trailer, what future do you envision for this new football game?

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