Criticism of Being the Ricardos (Being the Ricardos) | Another successful biography of Aaron Sorkin?


Being the Ricardos is another biography of Aaron Sorkin, depicting the life of the famous comedian Lucille Ball, played by Javier Bardem and Nicole Kidman. But it does not give its stars much chance to appear. Be with Zomji by reviewing this film.

Being Ricardo is a true story based on the life of Lucille Ball (Lucille Ball) And his wife is Desi Arnaz, who tells the story of a week from the production and airing of the series I Love Lucy. The work that the famous couple aired on CBS from 1951 to 1957. In this comedy series, Lucille played the role of a dumb woman who always had sensitive and funny situations. Lucille, who has earned the title of America’s Most Popular Dead Actress, is also known in Iran for airing the series I Love You Lucius.

Arun Sorkin (Aaron Sorkin), the popular and well-known Hollywood writer who has directed and written the important film The Trial of the Chicago 7 as a director and writer in this film, like his previous work, went to a real story and He also directed it. Sorkin has a special interest in cinematic insights into the lives of real people and writes screenplays in pursuit of biographical stories. Aaron Sorkin believes that his works must have come from somewhere in the real world. This director and writer is an artist who pursues political, social, press, media, ethics, personal life challenges, etc. in his plays and wants to achieve an unobtrusive view of the world and life. From the movie The Social Netwotk to The Chicago Court 7, they all contain the author’s thoughts.

Excerpts from the story of Ricardo being revealed are revealed below

Lucille is watching Ricardo's movie

Nicole Kidman (Nicole Kidman) Who plays the role of the Americans’ favorite red hair, with his wife Javier Bardem (Javier Bardem), Leader of a Cuban-American band, suffers from deep crises while producing an episode of Lucy I Love. From the situations that Sorkin usually pursues. Lucille is rumored to be a member of the Communist Party, and his wife, Disi, does not come home at night. All of these events go hand in hand to prepare the ground for the destruction of the professional and personal lives of these two people.

Sorkin, who has a good expertise in writing biographical stories and is familiar with the plot of this genre, has forgotten his mastery in this work.

Sorkin, who specializes in writing biographical stories and is familiar with the plot of this genre, has forgotten his mastery in this work and has only exerted a spirit of his abilities, so much so that the viewer should not expect much at all from watching Being the Ricardos. Have this Oscar winner. One of the reasons Sorkin has lost himself and is unable to demonstrate his everlasting talent is the breadth of the story that if Ricardo had been presented in the form of a multi-episode miniseries on Amazon, many of the film’s problems would have been solved and a more skeletal effect would have been more appropriate. بهنمایش درمی‌آمد.

To arrange this volume of stories and situations in the structure of a film, the creators have to skip the sub-stories and pre-stories and put them together like the contents of a compact box, which leads the viewer to follow stories that are not attractive to him at all and he does not know. What to look for in a movie. Being Ricardo, which takes place within a week of the production of My Love Lucy, follows three important events and places them in your heart, and this is how the story of the film is laid.

Javier Bardem is thinking about being in Ricardo

First, at the beginning of the film, the viewer is confronted with the suspicion of Desi betraying Lucy, and in the headline, does Desi really love Lucy ?; Forms the first story of the film for the audience. Another story is the unexpected news of Lucille’s pregnancy, which creates an unforeseen situation for the creators of the series and creates a shocking atmosphere. Another is a news report by Walter Winchel that shows that Ball was known as a member of the Communist Party in the 1930s. Sorkin has two sub-stories and one main story in Ricardo. These stories move so dimly that the story of the film can not be properly understood and their payment remains poor.

چیز Everything is tangled in being Ricardo The story expands wherever it wants and in some places it stops

Betrayal of Desi is one of those extensible sub-stories in the idea of ​​this biographical film that could have created an extraordinary conflict and excited the viewer; And keeps him on TV until the credits come up, but this sub-story is not dramatic at all, and only talk about it and keeps the viewer waiting for something cinematic about it. The audience is often confused by unpaid potential ideas and falls into an unanswered expectation that it could cost the viewer dearly.

The same is true of the main story, and the story of the wing being a communist is badly incorporated. The audience thinks that a camera is planted in the middle of producing Ricardo’s film, and the director leaves everything to the actors and asks them to tell the story as they please. Everything is tangled in being Ricardo, the story expands wherever it wants and stops in some places, there is no dramatic explanation for the situation at all, and even if it is, it is not strong enough to give the film a pleasant rhythm. In this work, Sorkin seems to have moved around and his only wish was to be able to collect the film in any way he could.

Lucille in the makeup room being in Ricardo

Despite its clutter, the film has flashbacks that can be counted on to make the story appealing. They contain information for the audience that somewhat relaxes the film and helps to improve the rhythm of being Ricardo. These flashbacks may have made the effect a bit more crowded, but they are definitely worth it to enhance the effect, as it arouses the audience’s curiosity to understand the film’s characters’ past, and the show escapes the rhythmic traps in the sequence.

One of the main problems of the film is the bad rhythm of the work. Ricardo can not induce a proper rhythm in the film except for flashback sequences.

One of the main problems of the film is the bad rhythm of the work. Being Ricardo, except for his flashback sequences, can not induce a proper rhythm in the film. In this situation, the viewer is constantly looking at his watch and waiting for the movie to end. One of the main reasons for the bad rhythm of Being the Ricardos is the lack of proper payment mentioned earlier. The expansion that has stopped somewhere and has eaten the inner and outer rhythm of the plans and has affected the form as well. The turning point of the film is its stars, and it is safe to say that Javier Bardem and Nicole Kidman, with their bold and glazed performances, have stood up to the weaknesses of the work and made the audience endure 130 minutes of the film just to act.

One of the common problems of autobiographical films is that they are too influenced by their subject matter and can not enter the fantasy world of cinema, which makes the production of works of this subgenre very risky. Being Ricardo is also heavily trapped in this trap, and it is interesting that he makes no effort to get rid of it. The film will only be remembered for a short time because of the brilliance of its acting stars, otherwise it can never, like Surkin’s other good works, show and perpetuate the ossification worldview.

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